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FIFA Raankings: Canada Now 95th (hahaha)


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As predicted, we slipped a few places due to loss against Wales.

What a joke[:o)]. Suprisingly, we are ahead of Bolivia, who just beat Paraguay.

91 Albania 481 91 0 89 -2

92 Guinea 479 92 0 101 9

93 FYR Macedonia 474 90 -3 92 -1

94 Togo 471 100 6 94 0

95 Canada 466 93 -2 87 -8

96 Vietnam 463 94 -2 98 2

97 Bolivia 462 103 6 99 2

97 Indonesia 462 95 -3 91 -7

97 Uganda 462 102 3 103 4

100 Rwanda 449 98 -2 109 9

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For further proof that the rankings are rank[xx(], in today's FIFA rankings, Australia is up 40 spots [:0] to 49th (from 89th!). This is as a result of 4 wins and a draw, 3 of the wins by huge scores, against horrible opposition, and the large number of goals. New Zealand (despite the pathetic loss to Vanautu, they leaped over us 16 points from 96 to 80) , Tahiti (breathing down our necks at 117th), Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea (who did not even advance from the preliminary groups)are all WAY up. The fact that it was WCQ increased the value of the results.

So G-L is right, with mega goals we should be moving up there after the matches with Belize, despite Belize's lowly rankings.

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Originally posted by denilsonfc - 06/12/2004 : 00:30:13</u>

The whole FIFA Ranking issue is horrible, 95th now for Canada? Thats deeply harsh, teams such as, Libya, Kenya, Cuba, Haiti, Togo, are all above Canada... ugh, makes me feel sick. I know most people say, "oh FIFA rankings don't mean anything".. but the fact of the matter is, that they do mean something. Its all about respect, and we're definitely not respected as a football nation. But we have the players on paper, to be ranked about 40th in the world.

I've been reading the Voyageurs comments for about a year or two now, but I barely respond or write, I'm just really into the Canadian MNT. It just makes me sick to see Canada ranked so poorly, what are your guys thoughts on this? What if Canada qualified for the World Cup? How high could they then be ranked? Also, what if they almost made it to the World Cup, as they do many times, how high will there rank be? Just curious, thanks!

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Cynical me thinks we could beat the U.S of A, draw against France in the WC'06 and lose to Brazil by one and still be ranked below 30 as we have no clout in FIFA .

They want U.S. , ASIAN, and European $$

If those darn South Americans would only live down to their market value.

Oh and put a few African nations kinda high add a couple Oceania nations in the middle to shut them up.

Why else would they have come up with the 1/2 qualifiers and playoffs for WC entry . To shut Confederations up , that aren't in the marketing plans.

FIFA is a corporation ........money talks and no-body walks.

The rankings remind me of McLeans best Universities in Canada list .

Rank some from every region high enough to sell paper.

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