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June 6: Toronto vs Puerto Rico. (R)

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Yup, Puerto Rico goalie getting sent off in minute 83 also. The Lynx didn't dominate in the shot department and Puerto Rico had a goal called back in the first half. Even so, the Lynx played fairly strong and converted their chances. Goals 4 and 5 were sick!!!

Gerba 3 goals

JB Nusum 1 goal (3rd minute)

Bartolomeu 1 goal

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Result of the A-League game of Sunday June 6th, 2004 between Toronto Lynx and Puerto Rico Islanders played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 6:00pm.

2 min...Lynx John Barry Nusum GOAL...Lynx goalie Richard Goddard kicks upfield through middle and Nusum gets through defender and with goalie Michael Ueltschey committed sends 10 yard shot from midair off underside of cross bar and into net. Richard Goddard earns the assist.

19 min...Lynx Ali Gerba GOAL...Gerba gets ball and gets around PR defender Christopher Gores at 15 yards and boots 12 yarder into low left corner of net.

55 min...Lynx Ali Gerba GOAL...Lynx Tyler Hughes had run down left wing and sends low cross in from 15 yards on left to Lynx Darren Baxter whose shot is stopped by goalie but rebound to Gerba who leaps for 2 yard tap-in in on right.

68 min...Lynx Edgar Bartolomeu GOAL...Lynx Ali Gerba crosses from 5 yards on right, Bartolomeu heads in from 5 yards to right corner of net with goalie all alone.

74 min...Lynx Ali Gerba GOAL...Lynx Edgar Bartolomeu rushes down left wing and sends low cross into box that has Gerba kneeling down to head ball into left corner of net from 5 yards.

82 min...PR RED card...Lynx Ali Gerba gets through ball and tries to chip goalie but goalie bats up ball with hand except that goalie was about three yards outside his box so is shown the RED card. Michael Ueltschey is ejected. Backup goalie Eduardo Memendi replaces outfield player Michael Mourelo.

86 min...PR Raul Dias GOAL...PR Raphel Ortiz sends in cross from right on 25 yard freekick. Dias leaps in crowd of players and heads ball from 7 yards over charging goalie into open net.

Final Score:.........Toronto Lynx.........5...........Puerto Rico Islanders.........1.........

Attendance was announced as 1699 on this warm early evening. Fans got a coupon for a free slice of pizza on their way out because the Lynx scored three goals. That has been a rarity in the years since Pizza Pizza has been a sponser.

Lynx got a break even before the game began because the Islanders had only three substitutes including the back up goalie because some of their players couldn't get through Immigration into Canada to play. The Islanders were awful already with no wins and three ties in their first eleven games.

Both teams got some through balls behind the opposing defenders and had plays whistled down offside including a few goals called back. These certainly weren't the two best defensive teams in the league.

Ali Gerba scored put away about half of his chances and ended up with three goals on the evening. He fit in well with both John Barry Nusum in the first half and Edgar Bartolomeu from the 55 minute mark. Darren Baxter had recovered enough from a knee injury to play the first 69 minutes of the game and work up the ball in midfield. A game like this will hopefully be a confidence builder for the Lynx who pick up only their third win of the season against six defeats.

These teams will be back in action against each other on Wednesday for the Lynx School Day promotion in a special 11:00am game. If the Islanders can't bring in some back up players, the score on Wednesday could be even higher. Expansion team Islanders are on their second head coach already with Hugo Maradonna. He is the brother of former Argentina international Diego Maradonna and Raul 'Diego' Maradonna who played for Toronto Italia of the CNSL back in the mid 1990s.

Lynx head coach Duncan Wilde passed a message up to the press box to clear up some misunderstandings he's read on the Internet chat boards that he wants it known that it wasn't him who was in the pushing match with Montreal Impact head coach Nick DeSantis in Montreal last week but his assistant Billy Steele.

Rocket Robin


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I hope you don't mind but I reposted your match report over on the Toronto section of the USL discussions board, as it was important for someone to know the goalscorers, and of course to combat all the Puerto Rican whining about biased refs again.

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No problem there. Hey as soon as I posted, I checked my mail and found the official Lynx media release.




presented by Heineken



Date: Sunday, June 6, 2004

Venue: Centennial Park Stadium, Etobicoke, Ontario

Attendance: 1,699

Kick off Time: 6:00 PM

Final Score: Puerto Rico 1 Toronto 5

Match Summary:

Making their first ever trip to Canada the expansion Puerto Rico Islanders travelled to Centennial Park Stadium for Fiesta Latina Night looking to even the score in the first of two meetings between the teams this week. The Lynx put a damper on the Islanders inaugural home opener with an overtime victory and newly appointed Islanders Head Coach Hugo Maradona, younger brother of the famed Argentinian star, were still in search of their first franchise win. With an enthusiastic crowd of 1,699 coupled with the lovely Miss Hispanidad Michelle Oriana Castro, talented singer Ricky Franco, Ecuadorian dance troupe Huairapungo and the Lynx Dance Team and Flygirls the Lynx seemed to inspired. In the 3rd minute John Barry Nusum took a long kick from 'keeper Richard Goddard through the middle, made the Islander's 'keeper Michael Veltschey commit, and lifted his 2nd of the season under the crossbar for a 1-0 lead. Despite seeing his first action of the season, Lynx 'keeper Richard Goddard was tested as the Lynx were outshot 9-4 in the opening half. With that in mind the Islanders best chance of the half came in the 19th minute when Carlos Astondoa worked the give-and-go with Carlos Garay but Goddard came up with another save. The Lynx added to their lead in the 20th minute when Ali Gerba took the ball on the right side of the box and laced a low shot that found the left corner for a 2-0 halftime lead. Missing 6 players due to various reasons things for Puerto Rico went from bad to worse, in the 56th minute Jamie Dodds sent a cross to Darren Baxter but he was denied, fortunately Ali Gerba was in the right place to notch his 2nd of the contest and gave Toronto a commanding 3-nil lead. More came in the 69th minute when Puerto Rico defender Chris Gores got careless in his own box and got stripped by Gerba who calmly sent a perfect cross to Edgar Bartolomeu who headed in his 1st of the campaign, 4-0 Toronto. The Lynx continued to press and what goes around always comes around, in the 75th minute Bartolomeu found Gerba with a low cross and sent a diving header into the back of the net for his 3rd of match, 5-0 Toronto. Puerto Rico did manage to get on the score sheet in the 87th minute, Raul Dias lifted a header over a charging Richard Goddard, to little too late as the Lynx snap their losing streak at 3 games. Toronto now improves to 3-6-0 on the season while the Islanders fall to 0-9-3. The Lynx are in action again on Wednesday June 9 at 11am against the same Islander team as they complete the 2 game series.


1st Half

3rd min: free kick from the box for Keeper Richard Goddard...cleared over center and through the middle of the field to a streaking John Barry Nusum who made Keeper Michael Veltschey commit before lifting his 2nd goal of the season under the crossbar, 1-0 Tor.

10th min: a loose ball inside the Toronto box, Carlos Astondoa with a great chance from point blank range but Goddard came up with a big save

19th min: off the give and go Carlos Astondoa with another solid chance but thrwarted once more by Goddard

20th min: Ali Gerba from the right side of the box blasted a low shot that beat Michael Veltschey into the low left corner, 2-0 Tor.

26th min: John Barry Nusum inside the Islanders box used outstanding footwork to get around a defender but could not beat Veltschey.

2nd Half

56th min: Jamie Dodds pushed a pass to Darren Baxter inside the box, his shot what stopped but Ali Gerba pounched on the rebound and buried his 2nd of the game, 3-0 Tor.

69th min: Islanders defender Chris Gores got careless with the ball and was stripped by Gerba inside the box, Gerba then sent a cross to Edgar Bartolomeu who headed his first of the season into the open net, 4-0 Tor.

71st min: Gerba from the right side, 30 feet out on the right side launched a rocket that Veltschey got enough of to keep it out of the net.

75th min: Edgar Bartolomeu sent a low cross to Gerba and he went down and headed in his 3rd of the game, 5-0 Tor.

87th min: Raul Dias lifted a header over a charging Goddard to foil the shutout bid, 5-1 Tor.

Final Score: Puerto Rico 1 Toronto 5


Puerto Rico: Veltschey, Gores, Toal (Dias, 37min), Ortiz, A. Rivera, Garay, Nieves, Astondoa, H. Rivera, Mourelo, Johanes

Toronto: Goddard, Serioux, Steele, Mattacchione, Arango, DiPlacido, Hughes, Baxter, Dodds (Bartolomeu, 56th min), Nusum, Gerba

Cautions: Puerto Rico: Mourelo (13th min), Toal (13th min) Tor: Serioux (67th min)

Ejections: Puerto Rico: Veltschey (83rd min)

Shots: PR: 15 Tor: 15

Saves: PR: 5 Tor: 7

Fouls: PR: 15 Tor: 20

Scorers: Tor: Nusum (3rd min), Gerba (20th min), Gerba (56th min), Bartolomeu (69th min), Gerba (75th min) Puerto Rico: Dias (87th min)

The Lynx next home game is Wednesday, June 9th at 11:00am versus the Puerto Rico Islanders.



416-251-4625 ext. 30

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Ooh. And three national anthems played before a game? That's something different. Ricky Franco sang the Star Spangled Banner, then O Canada. Then after the Islanders had jumped off the line, they were called back to hear a canned version of the Puerto Rican anthem.

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I consider today's events to be the greatest slap in the face by the Lynx organization.

On this day, of all days, the fact we are in Canada should have been honoured.

Not surprisingly, it was just the opposite.

First, the Canadian flag was moved to make way for the Puerto Rican flag. While the Puerto Rican and AMERICAN flag stood centre stage, the Canadian flag was moved to some ungodly position miles away from the pitch nearer to the corner of the stadium.

Next, the Puerto Rican national anthem took top spot (last).

I have no clue why Puerto Rico was even given such honours. Probably to appease the Lynx stupid Fiesta Latina theme night.

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by now, you shouldn't be surprised by anything that comes from the Lynx organization. That is why, Nicole creates the Lynx to be a laughing stock amonst all teams.

too bad i had to miss this goal scoring upheaval but a 50th anniversary took precedence tonight.

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WOW I missed it I cant belizve it SORRY BOYZ !!! :( wow I cant belive the event with the canadain flag we should complain !!! What going on with the wednesday game @ 11 am ****ing LYNX SCHOOL DAY !!! are the ultras making an apperance I know owrk will get in teh way of some ppl but I will e coming 90% as of now :) ?

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I'll be drafting up an e-mail of complaint as well. I'm going to pass it around to members of the Ultras so if they agree with it they can add their names.

If anyone else would like to see the e-mail and possibly add their support, just let me know.

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quote:Originally posted by JayWay

I consider today's events to be the greatest slap in the face by the Lynx organization.

On this day, of all days, the fact we are in Canada should have been honoured.

Not surprisingly, it was just the opposite.

First, the Canadian flag was moved to make way for the Puerto Rican flag. While the Puerto Rican and AMERICAN flag stood centre stage, the Canadian flag was moved to some ungodly position miles away from the pitch nearer to the corner of the stadium.


Heraldry rules state that no flag flies to the right of your own. thus the Maple Leaf should not have been Centre. But yes Oh Canada should have been last - apparently the tape could not play at the right time.


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Not too often that I agree with you, Doyle, but this time you're absolutely correct. The 60th anniversary of D-Day is a very big deal; by the time that the 70th anniversary comes around, there will be very few D-Day veterans around.

It's totally in the Lynx tradition though to make a big deal out of small time and relatively meaningless promotions (that seem to result in almost no impact to the overall attendance numbers.)

Jay, I'm definitely in agreement with your e-mail in principle.


quote:Originally posted by DoyleG

With it being the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, the Canadian side should've been front and centre.

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

How did Goddard do in goal today?

Richard made some key saves early and assisted on the Lynx first goal. His only mistake was on Puerto Rico's goal. I'm curious to see what goalie will play on Wednesday.

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As a white male I think it's a slap in my face as to what happened at that Lynx game.

I mean those that choose to go to a soccer game, rather than some war memorial thing, would have appreciated at least some effort by the Lynx to honor D day in some way. I mean for cryingout loud! People have lives and minor pro soccer games to attend. But those minor league pro soccer teams have an obligation, even if thier fans don't really care enough to go to an offical D-Day event to provide their misguided lazy asses fans to feel that somehow they honoured those vets, that risked their lives so they could see a team from PR play.

Come on A-league! Do your part! Fine the lynx.


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I guess I shouldn't have mentioned the national anthems. Maybe they should have left Ricky Franco standing around while they played the canned version of the Puerto Rican national anthem and then had him come back and sing the Canadian anthem.

The Canadian flag always flies at the Northern end on the highest flagpole. Sometimes they have an extra Canadian flag on one of the eastern side poles.

Now shouldn't play soccer on D-Day anniversary. Check

Shouldn't play soccer on Wednesday during the afternoon because people are working. Check.

Shouldn't play soccer next Sunday because it's a Canada National team qualifying game and the Lynx should have known months ago that the game would be in Kingston. Check.

Howbout we just name the team Canada Pro 40 and the team can play 28 road games for the season? :)

Back to soccer. Richard Goddard saved the game in the early going and prevented any chance of a comeback with about four huge sliding saves. He can boot the ball the length of the field and throw to the halfway line. He comes out to challenge and cut down the angles but got caught on the Islanders goal.

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