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de Serpa signs with Penafial?

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This was posted by 'reporter' in the Canadian Leagues and Clubs forum.

Posted - 06/06/2004 : 13:30:52


FYI... don't count on Kevin de Serpa, his days with the Thunder are over. I had a good chat with him for a feature in the KW Record last week. He inked a five-year deal with Penafial, now a Premier Division squad in Portugal. He's home for June and then back to training camp in July in Penafiel.



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Guest Jeffery S.

I think this is amazing news, especially since he saw so little time for the team as they pushed up into promotion spots in Portugal 2nd tier over the last few months of the season. Indeed after waiting for the international transfer to come through into February, and seeing the coach who signed him replaced, he virtually disappeared from the picture after just a few appearances. So we see that in fact he had only signed a half year contract, and there was certainly no expectation he'd be back in top flight with them for next season. So a great step, and five years, my that is a long contract. Congrats to de Serpa (Kevin in Portugal) who had very bad luck in Avilés last year and was really lost for a while on the club level.

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