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How many Voyageurs attending the Kingston match?


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Game 1 that is. Only reply if you know that you are 100% going. I just want to get a rough estimate on what our numbers will look like.

I'll be there with my gf so that makes two. (2)

(Next person to respond please add the previous posters number to your own)

2 + ...

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quote:Originally posted by sstackho

Me too, with let's guess 5 friends, but they're not Voyageurs... Do they count? :)

Are you going to dress them up in red and make them stand and sing throughout it? If Not, subtract them. :D

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I will be going ...... with 4 friends.

They are not Voyageurs but one is bringing road flares!

Looking forward to the tailgate location. We're old guys, but still like to drink!

11 + 5 + 16

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