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T.O.: new stadium update + new soccer fields


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PM to unveil $150M for Toronto Waterfront / Film Studio / Varsity Stadium

* Paul Martin will unveil a plan tomorrow to spend more than

$150-million developing Toronto's waterfront, including new parks, sports and recreation facilities. The Prime Minister will hold a Harbourfront news conference with Toronto-area Liberal MPs for announcements aimed at shoring up the party's support in downtown ridings that face challenges from the NDP.

* Insiders say the waterfront plan, which includes $78-million in new money, will create a United Nations peace university, a new Arctic Ocean aquarium, the development of an aboriginal peoples' cultural centre on the Toronto Islands and new dragon boating, rowing and paddling courses.

* The plan to turn about 120 hectares of port land -- slated for

eventual redevelopment -- into greenspace and playing fields for cricket and soccer is largely the work of Dennis Mills, the long-serving MP for Toronto-Danforth.

In a related issue, the Varsity Stadium project is now in the provincial government's court. The plan to build a 25,000-seat stadium in downtown Toronto cleared one hurdle yesterday when the federal Liberal party's GTA caucus said it would recommend a $17.5 million government grant for the university. "The GTA caucus has said, 'Yes, we think this is a good project,'" said MP Art Eggleton. But U of T must now receive similar approval from the provincial government, also for $17.5 million.


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