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Good hotel sites for London


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Hey, I'll be staying in London for 4 nights in about a week and I was wondering if anyone could point me to some good hotel booking sites and what parts I should look for. I'd like something rather central and affordable (wouldn't we all? [:P]).

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Myself and Gian-luca stayed at the luxurious Belmont Hotel. It was reasonable (though I forget what it was, split between two people it wasn't bad), it was a block from Padington Station (a major tube stop and the direct line from London to Heatherow). It's in the west end and in a good, multicultural part of the city. A free breakfast was included and the staff were all fairly friendly. It's on Sussex Gardens and there's a whole row of old houses that are converted to hotels all along the street so maybe you can find better in the same area.

The Belmont was very, very spartan. Our first room was tiny and spacely appointed (but we did have a TV). You couldn't open the door to the bathroom and the main door at the same time if I recall. That being said our second room (after going to Edinburgh) was pretty spacious. It wasn't as nice as what we had in Plymouth or Edinburgh, but for the cost and location I think we did pretty well.

That being said you aren't there to spend time in the hotel. I felt safe, the food was half-decent and the location was good.

As for the actual booking, ask GL he did all the leg work.



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Tavistock Hotel

In Bloomsbury, 15 min walk from Piccadilly Circus. OK price (82pounds they're advertising), OK Hotel.


Holiday Inn near Kings Cross.

20-30 min walk to Piccadilly Circus. Very clean and they have rooms with 2 double beds (hard to find in London) Deals can be found when booking in advance, not so much in the summer though.


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Daniel, it in part depends on where you want to be. You would be ok for that weekend as its a bank holiday on Monday and London usually empties out.

I would try the holiday inn websites for the Holiday Inn Expresses. I know there are a few in the less touristy areas of London (one for example near London City Old Street/Hoxton square). That area is now the funkiest/trendiest in London but not very toursity at the moment. The other one I would recommend is London Southwark which is South of the river but close to the new Tate Modern art gallery. The South Bank again is really taking off and there is lots there to see like gallery, the Globe Theatre, the London Eye (big ferris wheel), the new City Hall, etc.

Here is the links for Holiday Inn. Just search for London and UK, and it will bring up about 35 or so hotels. Then just look for Londoon City and London Southwark. If you look for a hotel in the West End (ie. Soho, Bloomsbury, Paddington) which most people think is central london but its not, you will spend more money than going to the City or South of the river.


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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

My new flat in London is a bloomin' closet. :(

Poor old Blue and White Army, back in the closet once again!

We'll miss you at the game tonight. You should get up in the middle of the night and listen to the webcast.

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