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Highest paid Canadian?


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quote:Originally posted by Grizzly

A German site had the salaries of Stalteri and Hargreaves which they put (probably an informed estimate) at 350 000 Euro for Stalteri and 1 500 000 for Hargreaves. DeGuzman's salary was not given.

Man, I hate hearing this kind of thing. Though I wonder who will get the fatter next contract.

Allez les Rouges,


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Geez, Chelsea seems to be bidding, or rumored to be bidding on a lot of players these days.

Mr. Posh Spice and OH together at Chelsea. Holy England squad, Batman!

Getting back onto topic...

Believe Radz. has to be up there on the salary question. Would be nice to know for certain but a little better than a million pounds seems to come to mind. Also recall JDV having a surprisingly big salary given Wigan's place in the pecking order of things. Don't recall numbers, though but I'll stab at the 200k pound range. Likely less but he was well paid in Dundee and his stock has done nothing but go up since.

Good topic. Can't believe how curious this has made me. Numbers get lost with the rocks in my head so any accuracy in this post (as with all others) is strictly luck.

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