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Nice bit on Brennan there. Young man's looking very comfortable in his skin (and who's his friend?). But a bit of a passive-aggresive play by Worthington there I thought.

"Show up fit for pre-season. Stay fit. We're confident you'll make the most of the opportunities we're going to provide you in the EPL."

May as well have told Frankie to keep his hands off JB. He's my project. No pricking about with national team dutys. This is the EPL.

But then, I'm just a cynic by nature so he may have just been giving a common scence lecture.

Oh look. The A-League got all of a 30 second slot. Better than nothing I suppose. Nice to see the good support at Swangard. Hope it keeps up. Have to admit it looks a little like a fair grounds though.

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Yeah, anyone remember the Jim Brennan, 2000 edition? Short, straight, dark hair. Now he's living the Stabucks life in Norwich. Well, better than nothing.

Hope to see him next year, even if he's in a sub role.

Allez les Rouges,


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