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Serbian Club Fakes Racial Attack to Cover US Players Release:


Nigerian Referee Disallows Goal To Survive Crowd Violence. Later Allows It:


Galaxy Coach Defends Midfileder From Forum Posters Ridcule:http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/Stories/0,1413,206~29580~2099249,00.html


"My first comment is that I think it's great that the fans get on the message boards and entertain themselves,' Schmid said. "But for myself, it's one of the things I never try and look at, because if I looked at the message boards I'd have to change my lineups every week, or every five minutes."

Q: Wonder if Yallop reads Voyageurs board?

Q: Wonder if Tinkerman Ranieri reads any boards?

Alamodome To Host Dominica Home WCQ Game Against Mexico, Grass May Replace Turf



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quote:Originally posted by beachesl

Q: Wonder if Yallop reads Voyageurs board?

I don't know if you were here at the time, but from some of his comments many people felt that Osieck did, or at least visited at one time or another.
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