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Becks signed 'bomber's' card

Massive Attack

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Becks signed 'bomber's' card

March 24, 2004 - 12:25PM

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Footballer David Beckham reportedly signed a birthday card for one of the suspected Madrid train bombers when he met him just weeks before the terror attack.

Mohammed Bekkali is reported to have met the England captain and asked for an autograph at the Real Madrid training ground two weeks before 190 people were killed in the bombing.

Police allegedly found the card when they raided the home of the 31-year-old Moroccan, who is said to be a Real Madrid fan.

In it, Beckham wished Bekkali a "happy birthday", according to the reports.

Friends reportedly said Bekkali wanted to be nicknamed "Bekks" like the footballer, whose nickname is Becks.

His father, also Mohammed, also said his son bought him a number 23 Beckham Real Madrid shirt as a present.

Speaking at his home in Tangier, Bekkali's father told the Spanish newspaper El Pais: "How could anyone who loved the city and its football team seriously be guilty of the crime he is accused of?"

A spokeswoman for Beckham told PA News there would be no comment on the reports.

Spanish police are holding nine people over the attacks of March 11.


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Well, I don't know the reason for asking Beckham the opinion for a "comment", seems pretty stupid to me. Is he somehow responsible for people who he has given autographs to or who idolize him?

I guess the suspect's friends and family feel that admiration for Beckham might somehow prove he wouldn't have bombed a train in the city he plays in. So what?

I guess it shows the schizophrenic nature of religion. I was teaching in the Gulf during the September 11 bombing, and the same male students who professed admiration for American movies and European soccer cheered the World Trade Centre attack in front of me in class.

Or, Mel Gibson being in mindless movies glorifying violence and materialism strangely doing penance by making an overwrought bad remake of The Life of Brain.

What a strange, strange world we live in.

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