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Celtic, Rovers, The Blades & Bremen.


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All my sunday mornings should be thus spent:)

Anyway some general brief thoughts since there's a lot of ground to cover.

1). Non-Canadian content out of the way first. Celtic-1 Rangers-nil. Not a very entertaining game at all. Larsen netted on a scramble early in the 2nd half and an injury riddled Celtic side take the goods as expected. Hard test vs Barcelona thursday as O'Neil's lads aren't at their best just now by a long shot. At least it's at the home grounds but thursday could end The Streak.

2). Millwall's game from start to finish I thought. Hume looked completely in his element, very crisp, but absolutely isolated. Lucky to have survived for a replay. Still, Ian looked good on the ball when he had his chances with it. Pity that left footer got blocked in the 2nd half there. Could just scence the man's eyes getting big on that one.

Geezus but it scared me stupid every time he went down...

Muscat's PK. Pure crap. Good save by Achtenberg to get it over the bar and not back into play, but I could have done THAT spot kick.

Anyone know where this Goodison fellow lays in Jamaica's plans. Please tell me he's a 1st team fixture!

3). Sunderland through to the semi. Pesch. sure brought some energy to the Blades after sub'ing on (as did Allison) but never looked to be quite on. And sadly, Warnock needed Pesch. to be on it today.

Thought Jagielka had a grand game as did Tonge before be began to tire but Sunderland brought too much out for the match and Sheffield U. found themselves for all their efforts in over their heads.

Good luck Sunderland.

4). Diesel had a wonderful match again playing out of the right fullback position. Sure it was against 1860, and an 1860 side at 10 men for more than an hour (or so) but still he looked sharp, confident, and full of energy.

Nice run near the end to deliver a strong ball into the 1860 box for the 2nd goal. Real nice finish by Charsteas(sp) as he headed in with authority on the one-hop from 10-12 yards out.

So all in all a 50/50 weekend for our lads with some disapointments to be sure. Best news we've had with Lars playing again and Brennen being considered as an alternate captain we can't get on the box. Can't have everything I guess.

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brennan an alternate captain? sounds good to me. I guess that just means more of a chance that he'll stay with the club should they get promoted to the premiership. Now that his injury woes SEEM to be over, lets get him some more friggin caps with the MNT!!!

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I thought that it was more the service than Pesch. He was usually moving up, winning balls, passing back to the attacking mids, but they rarely put any useful passes or crosses in. And there were two free kicks that were completely pointless. Though maybe if Pesch had made more of things, they would have had a chance.

The goal was okay, but it seemed like some poor organization on the part of Sheff U's defence.

Allez les Rouges,


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