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WOQ: Canada vs. Mexico [R]


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Guest Georgio


Did Pellerud blame the players?

I agree with most of your comments. And I don't think you'll be criticized too extensively for anything you have said. This is the general consensus of the everyone here. It's plain as day and obvious to even the less knowledgeable soccer fan.

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quote:Originally posted by playbyplay

Our girls are superfit.

Sorry to be a pain in the as.s, but many of our "girls" were not superfit for this tournament. And believe me, I am not offering this as an excuse for why we underperformed. A handful of players were in decent game-shape, but key figures such as Hooper and Lang seemed woefully out of shape. The real problem, beyond fitness, was how poorly prepared the girls were. First touches were awful, for the most part. Passing was rarely crisp, and ball control in general was almost entirely absent.

Still, let's keep in mind that this is a very young team. I have great hope for them.

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Today I realize I was too harsh on pellerud who has in fact elevated the team to world class status. He is very talented for sure but in the aftermath of games we all like to lay blame.My style of play is different that's all.I hope he stays with the program and we will have learned a lot through defeat. I dont think it is fair for me to criticize a great coach who has a vision we dont all share but he has produced results and I am sure the girls respect him a lot otherwise we would not be making finals.

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