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If you aren't happy with Yallop's appointment.....


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Here is one way to get rid of a coach.......


Fans force out coach after eight hours

A Romanian football coach resigned at the request of his club only eight hours after being appointed by first division Stiinta Craiova.

Marius Lacatus, who had spent 20 years working for a rival club Steaua Bucharest, said he was "shocked and appalled" at the way news of his appointment was greeted by fans.

More than 100 masked men cornered him outside the ground where they hurled abuse and spat on him as he tried to get to his car.

After the angry scenes, Lacatus called the club's owner Dinel Staicu and by "mutual consent" he announced he was resigning from the two-year contract, worth £50,000 a season.

Lacatus said: "I cannot coach under these conditions. Having the supporters against me would have been like coaching while sitting on dynamite.

"The police tried to protect me and five of these masked men ended up in hospital with their heads broken and full of bruises, but still they did not go away."

The club's owner, Dinel Staicu, said: "I was threatened by telephone, and fans threatened to set the club on fire. They broke my glasses and bottles were thrown in my direction. I am very disappointed by the reaction."

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