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Toronto Blizzard CSL jerseys - which year is this?


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Well since the CSL existed from 1987-92, it's from that era, but I thought they used different jerseys in the various years.. Any idea who #5 was?

quote:Originally posted by Franky

my guess would give it sometime after 1988. unless, someone knows off-hand, i can find out by monday, as most of my csl nostalgia is hidden away at my parents basement.

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okay, here we go, i did my lil' research last night and the winner is no one! the jersey belongs to the 1991 season and was worn by Steve Jansen. Here is a chronological look at the Blizzard from 1987-92.

1987 - Sponsor was POP '84, cannot make out the make of the shirt, #5 was worn by Trevor McCallum.

1988 - sponsor was La Molisana, again cannot make out the make of hte shirt. #5 was worn once again by Trevor McCallum.

1989 - the blizzard enter first season at Etobicoke Centennial Stadium. Sponsor is Excelsior, make of the shirt was Campea but the style exhibits a horzontal stripe style which consists of white stripe shoulder, then red stripe, then white stripe and then red body, with the sleeves red. #5 was still worn by Trevor McCallum.

1990 - Spoonsor still Excelsior but the make of the shirt changes to 'Blacky Sport Inc.', the look is still striped but more of a diagonal, so you have instead a red shoulder stripe, then white stripe followed by a red diagonal stripe and a white body with a touch of a triangle red under the left arm sleeve, also the sleeves are white in colour. by the way, #5 that year was now worn by Edinho.

1991 - the shirt in question above.

1992 - they was no sponsor on the shirt from what i can gather nor could i confirm if Campea was still the make of the shirt. the look was a solid red base and #5 was worn by Carl Fletcher.

i hope this helps and sheds some light on the situ. and brings back some fond memories, enjoy.

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Franky - thanks for the info, it was interesting to read. I recall Jansen being on the Canadian National team in the late 80's, yet didn't remember him playing for the Blizzard. Any clue as to where he played after?

Unfortunatly there is hardly any info out there with regard to the CSL or any of it's teams..

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i don't know off hand about Jansen??? where he ended up?

However, i hope one day, with others i hope, i can create a concise log and account of the CSL. I have mags, game logs, personal info., jerseys, pics, etc. of the CSL. I lost a bundle of year by year, team posters of a majority of the clubs d/t a flood a few years back. quite a few of the stats have been compiled by the former media co-ordinator who was with the CSA, as well. Anyways, just a pipe dream for now. but in a year or two, if i find the time, i will look to undertake this extensive project, only if others are willing to contribute.

the csl may have been a small pro circuit, no different from the A-league but it produced great results for the nat'l team in the tail end, its too bad the league wasn't given its stay of execution. the start of its downfall,i believe, was Dale Barnes, he could talk the talk, but really could not vision a strategy to grow the league to another level. i think, the ultimate kicker was the lack of cooperation from the csa and allowing Joey Saputo to apply to the APSL. The CSL had five teams with a potential of adding a sixth but the Blizzard and the 86ers had vision of rekindling the NASL and Franky Aliaga Sr. of the Supra was denied in his application for the APSl which was obviously won over w/o a doubt by Joey Saputo and his newly formed L'Impact.

There were many key flaws t/o the existence of the CSL, marketing, finances, leadership, growth that just brought the league lower and lower, but i have to say that the talent pool from the league w/i a matter of a few years, was enormous. ie; Peschisolido, Mobilio, Radzinski, Onstad, Berdusco, Sarantopoulos, Ianiero, Ceccarelli and so on so forth.

Nothing compares to the NASL days, it was fun, it had in your face marketing, it had (which was good at first) foreign household name players which raised the calibre of play in the league. but on the downside, it had tremendous instability which you couldn't idenitfy what teams were out there. it drowned in large pool of red ink. The Cosmos were the modern day N.Y. Yankees with their deep coffers and other teams could not compete with that on a yearly basis. very sad.

these days, we have the A-league, some glimmer of hope but three to four teams (last few years, of course), isn't going to cut it esp. when the MLS has its financial backing from their sugar daddies and you have the A-League that acts as their farm system. The Americans got their act together with the USSF aiding it but the CSA never stepped up and guided any of the pro leagues to create and est. a secure structure.

I always let it be known, the CSL saved American soccer in 1993.

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I've found practically no info on Jansen, just the fact that he was on the Canadian national team, some international stats and that's it.. Perhaps someone should make some kind of historical website documenting the Canadian teams of the NASL & CSL..

By the way, which NASL or CSL jerseys do you have? and is there any web sites you know of that have pictures of the Blizzard while they were in the CSL?


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I have a bunch of CSL articles and clippings somewhere. I have a Canada Soccer magazine from 87 that talks about a friendly in Peru and I'm pretty sure Jansen was starting. I believe he was with North York at the time. That magazine is in a different city than I am now, but I'll check it out over the weekend.

Someone must remember more about the guy right?

Man reading the words Pop84 brought back a flood of memories. Somewhere I have a CSL preview with four players reping the eastern teams (Domizetis, Pesch, Hooper and who knows from NY I think) with that great 87 Blizzard kit. Brings back a lot of memories. What the hell was Pop84 anyway?



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i have, as following;

two different Montreal Supra jerseys,

two Ottawa Intrepid jerseys,

three North York Rockets jerseys, one of which is different,

one Toronto Blizzard jersey and one NASL Toronto Blizzard jersey (Jomo Sono!),

one Hamilton Steelers jersey,

one London Lasers jersey,

one Kitchener Spirit T-shirt,

one Kitchener Kickers T-Shirt,

two Winnipeg Fury jerseys (home and away),

one Edmonton Brick Men jersey,

one Vancouver 86ers jersey,

one Victoria Vistas jersey,

four CSL all-star jerseys.

re; csl websites, none that i know of, but i know there is a NASL website for both jerseys and logos and also, for facts and figures. i think??? krammerhead posted the sites or could have been someone else. i'm sure if you do a search, you'll come up with something.

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yes, Jomo Sono is a game worn jersey.

UMBRO made the jersey for the 86ers, i got #23, no name and the front has Safeway and below PEPSI in the mid, with the 86ers logo to the left and UMBRO to the right.

no, the Blizzard jersey didn't have players name on the back, but yes, the NASL did carry players names on their back.

i'm sure i have a price but it could never be met unless someone was very serious about any sort of acquisition. my price tag for these jerseys would run very high because i personally prize them very much in my collection.:D

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hi justin,

happened to notice that you are looking for soccer jerseys, i live in the u.k. and there is a company that makes vintage/retro jerseys, and has a salection of u.s. and canadian teams. the website is toffs.com ,have a look and see if they have anything of interest.

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Guest HamiltonSteelers


Any way you can get pics of those shirts up. I would love to get a clear shot of the Hamilton Steelers shirt... no particular reason ;) I would like to get shots of those shirts just for my soccer kit obsession of patterns and designs.

If for any reason you would want to part with the Steeler jersey, please have me as first on the list.

BTW, I would happily make a CSL archive on the thundercrew.com website... and if not there, then somewhere else. I have a media guide, some stubs and a game program... but that's all.

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