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Kristina Kiss' Status


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Kiss, who played 60 international games for Canada, scored five goals and was fourth in goal scoring at the 2003 World Cup. She left the national team to return to play pro soccer for Floya in Norway and because she didn't like the Canadian team kick-and-rush style of game. Playing on artificial surfaces also was affecting her knees.

"I had a lot of fun here (with Floya) last year," Kiss, 23, said. "They offered me a good contract and I'll play one more season. I'm happy here."

After this season in the Norwegian Premier League, she may return to university.

Just to get the facts right she has 50 caps and somehow I can't remember Kiss finishing Fourth in goal scoring.

As for the Field Turf hmmmm, How soft are the pitches in Norway at this time of year and how many games has she played on Field Turf?

The style of play question will please the critics of Pellerud but with a young sqaud like this I think it's a good strategy to start to build a National Team while winning at the same time.

England, Australia, and France are using a more safisticated approach but they are not winning yet.

The best way to promote our game is to win now.

The Olympics will be over in August, until then keep it simple and win with whatever style works.

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