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Women's U19 Development Camp


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Women's Under-19 Development Team

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Women's Development Camp

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Women’s Under-17 Development Team head coach Bryan Rosenfeld announced his 18-player roster for a training camp in Vancouver, BC from February 16th – 22nd, 2004.

The training camp will provide experience to the players as they hope to join the Women’s Under-19 Team in the future.

In addition to the demanding training schedule, the squad will play three exhibition games against local teams.


Thursday, February 19th -

3:30pm - Team TBD

Friday, February 20th -

4:30pm - Team TBD

Saturday, February 21st -

5:00pm - Team TBD

Training Camp Roster

Name Pos DOB Club /Training Centre Home town Prov

Cicchini, Amanda M N/A Brampton United Rebels Brampton ON

Zurrer, Emily M N/A Lower Island Metro Victoria BC

Zoller, Kristen M 2/17/1987 Burnaby Jazz Metro Burnaby BC

Labrecque, Justine D N/A Conquerant Laval Montreal QC

Sjoman, Kylla D 8/18/1987 Burnaby Jazz Metro Burnaby BC

Dugas ,Chantalle F N/A Oakville Cobras Oakville ON

Jamani, Aysha M 6/28/1987 Calgary Chinooks / Calgary Saints Calgary AB

Telebar, Michelle D 10/24/1987 Erin Mills Eagles Agincourt ON

Everrett, Deana F 12/26/1987 Brampton United Rebel s Oakville ON

Ruston, Robin D 1/2/1987 Erin Mills Eagles Toronto ON

Gibson, Stephanie D 2/15/1987 Richmond Hill Raiders Richmond Hill ON

Scott, Desiree M 7/31/1987 Northwest Hurricanes Winnipeg MB

Weston, Stephanie GK 3/27/1987 Burnaby Jazz Metro Burnaby BC

Mercer, Nicole GK 3/16/1988 Mt. Hamilton Hamilton ON

Isberg, Kelly D 4/24/1987 Burnaby Jazz Metro Vancouver BC

Playford, Thalia M N/A ON Toronto ON

Mclachlan, Andrea M 9/2/1987 Burnaby Jazz Metro Burnaby BC

Quinlan, Leigh F 7/27/1987 Lower Island Metro Victoria BC


Function Name

Head coach Bryan Rosenfeld

Assistant coach Lewis Page

Equipment Manager Frantz Simon

Athletic Therapist Julie Kinniburgh

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the CSA made a huge boo boo yesterday when they posted the WRONG roster ... the roster above was from a camp last year ... here's the corrected roster:

Cicchini, Amanda - ON

Cornacchia, Cara - ON

Dunnett, Jaclyn - BC

Everett, Deanne - ON

Forbes, Sylvia - ON

Gagne, Adreanne - QC

Kyle, Kaylyn - SK

Labrecque, Justine - QC

Martineau, Natalie - ON

McEachern, Nikki - AB

Mills, Jessica - ON

Riverso, Lordana - ON

Rushton, Robin - ON

Scharoun, Sara - ON

Schmidt, Sophie - BC

Scott, Desiree - MB

Sjoman, Kylla - BC

Weston, Stephanie - BC


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