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CONCACAF General Secretary to Visit BELIZE

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29.1.04 - Chuck Blazer, the General Secretary of CONCACAF and member of the FIFA Executive Committee, is to visit Belize on Monday, February 2, to hold discussions with officials from the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) and the Belize Premier Football League (BPFL). This visit has been welcomed by the FFB President, Dr. Chimilo, and the President of the BPFL, Mr. Perdomo, both of whom have indicated they are happy to participate in the talks. The objective of Blazer’s visit is to bring about reconciliation and to reunite the two bodies in the interests of Belizean football.

Blazer, who is well experienced in such matters as a former Vice Chairman of FIFA’s National Associations Committee, is committed to bringing unity to Belizean football. He will be accompanied on his visit by two other high-ranking CONCACAF officials; Harold Taylor, who is a Deputy General Secretary of CONCACAF and General Secretary of the Caribbean Football Union, and who has previous experience of dealing with the situation in football in Belize, and; Rafael Tinoco, who is also a CONCACAF Deputy General Secretary and the new General Secretary of The Unión Centroamerica de Fútbol of which Belize is a member.

The CONCACAF delegation’s visit will commence with a dinner to be attended by members of the Executive Committees of both the FFB and the BPFL and, the following day, meetings between all the parties will commence.

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