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Nash to Whitecaps?


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Martin Smith (of Le Journal de Montréal),in his article of January 23rd on the Impact signing of Niki Budalic, writes that Martin Nash is considering an offer from the Whitecaps. If this is true, the Whitecaps are going to be a force to be reckoned with this summer(especially if Xausa also signs on). Anybody in Vancouver hear similar news?

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The Lynx haven't signed a big-name free agent since I've been following them (since 2000); if there were strong rumours of signing Nash, that would certainly signal a different direction for the club.

However, with the move of Theo to Rochester, I think I'm pretty safe in thinking that the direction for the Lynx is still the same.

I don't know if you have a different opinion Drew, but I don't believe that Toronto is perceived to be one of the better clubs to play for in the A-League. I think that most players would choose to play for Rochester, Vancouver, and Montreal (amongst others)ahead of Toronto given the choice and all other things being equal. For that reason, I can't imagine Marty Nash giving Toronto much consideration.


quote:Originally posted by drewsome

There were strong rumours...

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