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Hume and Pesch get decent FA Cup draws


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Tranmere is playing a 3rd division team while Shef Utd will play a first division team. But beyond this round there is no escaping the big teams...

Manchester United v Manchester City or Tottenham

Tranmere v Swansea

Telford or Millwall v Burnley

Sunderland v Birmingham City

Sheffield United v Coventry City or Colchester United

Arsenal v Chelsea

Liverpool v Portsmouth

Everton or Fulham v West Ham United

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With Sportsnet now showing FA Cup matches let's hope that the next time round (with several Canadians still alive) that we get to see some Canadians play. Though it was interesting watching Northampton Town play against Man U, to see what level a 3rd Division side is capable of playing at.

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Further to Gianluca's point, yes, it is great the teams got decent draws, but it probably means we will have to wait for subsequent rounds to watch them play. We may see Rad if they can get by the replay, or Lars if Keller ever gets hurt.

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So it was interesting to watch then GL

I didnt get to go to the game or see it. I heard it on the radio as I had to work. By the sounds of it Northampton did well. I glad we didnt lose by more. Would have been nice to see a goal for NTFC. Mind you Man Utd were lucky. All the goals were scrappy ones.

Division Three football isnt bad at all. There are a few good teams in the lower leagues. Its all to do with money though. The more money you have the better your team should be.

As there could be four Canadians in the next round. I hope you guys get to see one. Mind you I hope we get one or two on the BBC.

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I would guess that the chances of watching a Canadian play in the next round is slim. Sky and BBC tend to show matches that have at least one Premier team in it.

Radz has the best chance to be shown, if they can get by Fulham. The winner plays West Ham.

Tranmere v Swansea - why would they show this in the UK? No giant-killer potential.

Sheffield U v Coventry City or Colchester United? Same as above

Telford or Millwall v Burnley? Same as above

The premier match is obviously Arsenal v Chelsea. I expect Sky will get that one, and I look forward to it.

I assume that Manchester United v Manchester City or Tottenham will also get shown.

So that leaves two other matches to be picked up.

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