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Calgary Mustangs new logo (Thread 2)


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quote:Originally posted by Luis_Rancagua

Thank you for your comments!

Contrary to all assumptions, this logo has been created by a professional advertising company and we did put some thought into it, when we discussed and accepted it:

it is new, fresh, stylish, simple and non-traditional! And that is what our new club wants to be!

We are hoping, once you watch our new team playing and winning , you will be proud to wear a jersey with this logo.

What a bunch of BS. Non-traditional? Is spelling colour without a u on the site un traditional too? I'd like to know who the advertising company was.

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I'll put it this way. I took design in HS and if I submitted the Mustangs logo, my teacher wouldn't have even accepted it. The Aviators logo is an average concept poorly realized. The Mustangs is a really tired, easy cop-out kind of idea and it was really poor executed. Even if it looks sharper than the image we have, it's a tail and a soccer ball. It's almost fitting because the logo is ass.

You could have had the word Mustangs actually form the animal, instead of just part of it. And since they're just forming part of the animal with the word, why are they forming the tail and not the head? A head is what gives something it's identity . . .

I suspect Allison was taking the piss, but if you're looking to be non-traditional (frankly i think the new Mustangs logo is in the fine tradition of mid-70s NASL crap) then her logo is actually better. Put it this way. Put her logo on a black hoodie and the new Mustangs logo on a black hoodie and offer one or the other to a 15yo boy. I'd bet 9 times out of 10 the kid takes the bar code.

Anyway I didn't mean to beat a dead horse quite so much, I really have no preference in the A-League, so if it doesn't affect the team's bottom line, I really don't care too much. I just want these teams to succeed and this seems like something that won't help. It seems like a lost opportunity.

I don't mind 'non-traditional', but why not learn a lesson from the Calgary Hitmen, their uniforms (especially their third jerseys) are pretty non-traditional and I'd venture they're the best selling unis in the Western Hockey League. I know three guys who don't cheer for the Hitmen, but own a sweater just for fashion. They were in town last night and there were 20 Hitmen fans wearing jerseys. We usually get more than 20 away fans per game, but you never see that many away jerseys.

I have some Storm merch and I'll still wear it, but I think they should save themselves some money and not even produce merch for the new design.



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quote:Originally posted by aussoccerfan

beachesl- please read this-


I would just like you to see this story.

Thanks, ausoccerfan, I read your post before and had been following it. It's good for all to read such a fresh discussion of playing soccer: those of us who are older, and involved in administration, coaching and refereeing of soccer, or whatever, should not lose sight of such aspects. Keep posting, this is your forum too. Sincerely, d

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The bar code logo! That rocks!!! Absolutely brilliant!

I'm stealing that....

I see a rec. team this summer in black kits (Reality Matrix I think) and instead of numbers on the back we'll have pips like on a domino tile. Wee Dwayne wears 69. That'll be hard on the ref's eyes everytime he gets booked. Yeah! And instead of a small number or sponsor's logo in the front center I see a little, white, faceless, (maybe frowning) stick man. Gotta make some 'phone calls today...

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Stop, you're breaking my heart. (genuine sentiment - not to be taken in a sarcastic context)

Alas, the logo issue is dead. It's a done deal and there's nothing we can do about it (for now - remember that the J-League started out with cutesy logos and finally decided that they had to present themselves as a serious professional league - they now have some of the best logos in soccer).

The next crusade should be about the website - very amateurish. Have fun :)

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