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Putting CSA's stadium requests in perspective Ire.


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Ireland plans soccer/rugby stadium which will hold 50,000 no mention of fieldturf or a track.

Total Cost 172 million pounds

Irish Rugby and Football Associations share 58 million pounds

Irish Government contributing 114 million pounds or 2/3 of the entire project (Wow not bad for a country of only about 4 million people!!!!!!, so this is what we are competing against to win U20 WYC)

Compare this to CSA's reasonable request for 62.5 million candian government support for their proposed stadium. If CSA can't get a grass no track stadium built in Toronto then the CEO of Soccer Canada Kevan Pipe should resign.

Stadium blueprint unveiled - BBC


A computer image of a redeveloped Lansdowne Road

Plans for a new 50,000-seater stadium at Lansdowne Road were unveiled on Wednesday.

The outlining of a completely new creation at rugby headquarters in Dublin comes after a joint delegation from the IRFU and FAI hierarchy.

They met the Republic's Minister for Sport, Mr John O'Donoghue last December in an effort to get the stadium issue finally resolved.

The ground, owned by the IRFU, is also used by the Republic's football team.

The new design encompasses the present precincts of the old Dublin 4 venue.

The plans show an integrated structure comprising a new three-tier structure for the East and West Stands with single-tier structures at the present terrace ends.

Each of the four stands will be completely covered by a sweeping, translucent roof that would minimise the effects of the weather.

The new structure is designed to minimise the impact on local residents, which could have a major bearing when planning permission is being sought.

The IRFU and FAI can now allay fears of any disruption to public transport services along the adjoining railway line during the redevelopment phase.

Spectators would also be able to enjoy the better pitch views, facilities and easy access to the wider stadium precincts providing for a relaxed atmosphere around the stadium prior to and after matches.

The proposed redevelopment is expected to be completed in 2008 and cost £172m. The IRFU and FAI will contribute £58m with the government the remainder.

With VAT, PAYE and other returns taken into account the total cost to the Republic's exchequer is expected to be only £57m.

If it gets the go-ahead the economic benefits to the state will more than justify the investment

FAI's Fran Rooney

Philip Browne, Chief Executive of the IRFU said that the new plans deserve to be recognised.

''Both rugby and football deserve this vote of confidence,'' he said.

''Through the exploits of our respective teams and loyal fans, we have positively raised the profile of Ireland from Korea to Australia, from Argentina to Italy and United States to South Africa.''

The FAI's Mr Fran Mooney was also anxious to see the project accepted by the government.

''We are seeking a decision from government to invest in two of the nation's most popular and successful international sports,'' he said.

''If it gets the go-ahead the economic benefits to the state will more than justify the investment of public funds.

''More importantly over the longer term we will improve the underlying health of this nation through taking football and rugby participants to new heights of achievement at every level of our respective sports.''

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quote:Originally posted by Jarrek

412 million CDN awfully inexpensive ???

That's expensive. However the Republic of Ireland, in recent

times, has been a hotbed of economic activity and CAN AFFORD

to support such an endeavour. (Their tech and financial industries

rival those of the UK, according to our analysts.)

It is therefore not surprising that the gov't can pay 2/3 of the

costs for the infrastructure of one of their favourite sports.

Canada can do the same, but seemingly only for hockey, winter

sports (Whistler, Calgary), and for "prestige events" (Olympics,

Pan Am Games, etc.).

I don't know if changing the CSA management now will bring the changes

some people are advocating, but some changes are necessary.

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