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Barbados vs Canada official match thread


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thought i'd make a thread for the game. does any one no if its going to be on radio or if the CSA traker is going to be up for this game?

Here is the Canadian roster for the game.

Canadian Roster:

Goalkeepers: Greg Sutton, Montreal Impact (A-League); Andrew Olivieri, Montreal Impact (A-League).

Defenders: Stathis Kapos, AEK Athens (Greece); Gabe Gervais (Montreal Impact); David Fronimadis, Montreal Impact (A-League); Adam Braz, Montreal Impact (A-League); Nevio Pizzolitto, Montreal Impact (A-League); Mark Watson, Charleston Battery (A-League).

Defenders-Midfielders: Nick Dasovic, Vancouver Whitecaps (A-League), Chris Pozniak (Orebro, Sweden).

Midfielders: Patrice Bernier, Moss FK (Norway); Martin Nash, Montreal Impact (A-League); Josh Simpson, University of Portland; Johnny Sulentic, Vancouver Whitecaps (A-League).

Strikers: Carlo Corazzin, Vancouver Whitecaps (A-League), Dwayne De Rosario, San Jose (MLS); Rob Friend, Moss FK (Norway).


Frank Yallop Head Coach

Colin Miller Assistant Coach

Kevin Muldoon Goalkeeper Coach/Equipment Manager

Dave Foley Physiotherapist

Morgan Quarry Team Manager/Media Officer

Sanjay Gupta Doctor

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Originally posted by Sigma - 01/13/2004 : 19:30:18</u>

Go to www.nationnews.com and then to the radio link on the left hand side. I think it is called Voice of Barbados. They did the WCQ (and some friendly matches) in the past. With any luck they will broadcast the Canadian game, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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7 PM Eastern I think.

If Holger was still coaching I would predict a poor showing by Canada in this game. We shall see how things go with Frank. On the other hand, I wouldn't be too concerned about the result at this stage. It is almost like Frank is building a new MNT from scratch.

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Hey G-L you beat me to it by a minute.

Off-topic: As one Leaf fan to another, I think that after last night I've about had it with hockey. Soccer just seems so much more fluid and interesting...

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quote:Originally posted by Dave

Hey G-L you beat me to it by a minute.

Off-topic: As one Leaf fan to another, I think that after last night I've about had it with hockey. Soccer just seems so much more fluid and interesting...

I know what you mean, the games in the past week have been enough to send any die-hard fan (even those of a first-placed club) into hockey hibernation for the rest of the winter. Its amazing that nowadays some hockey teams (though not Toronto) are satisfied with sitting on a one-goal lead gained in the first period(!) because they know they can run non-called interference for the rest of the game. The Leafs didn't help by playing so bad, mind you, even with a depleted roster. And though soccer has always beem more fluid & interesting, I'll be surprised if Greg Sutton or the Barbados keeper wears those mongoloid-sized pads we saw last night. Most NHL goalies look like the Blemange (sic?) from that Monty Python tennis sketch, and look as ridiculous as the Lacrosse keepers who are inflated to twice their size with padding.

Anyway, I'm optimistic about today's match - if Yallop plays who I think he'll play I wouldn't be surprised to see us start off his era with a positive result.

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The thing with the Leafs is, for as long as I can remember (with the brief exception of the Sittler and Gilmour-Clark eras) they have been a team that lacks the ability to dig a bit deeper when the going gets tough. If I were coaching against the Leafs, I would do exactly what NJ and Philly do, that is, send a couple of 6-3, 240 types to ram some guys into the boards right from the start, and watch the Leafs wilt. Sad really. I have some theories as to why that is, and they tie in nicely with Canada's problems in soccer. But since those "theories" would do Dale Dribble from King of the Hill proud, I'll just keep them to myself :D

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A couple of interesting articles out the Bajan press. I asume their info on the Barbados team is correst at least:

Bajans up the ante - Sunday 18, January-2004


FRESH from a 2-0 victory over Grenada last Sunday and buoyed by a 13-place jump in the FIFA world rankings, Barbados will adopt a cautious approach against Canada tonight.

The teams meet in a friendly football international at the National Stadium at 8 p.m. with Barbados, now ranked No. 111 in the world, putting their three-year unbeaten record at home, on the line.

“I will go into the game kind of cautious first and see what the Canadians have,” national coach Kenville Layne said as he reflected on the Bajan Rockets’ triumph over the Spice Boyz.

“After assessing the Canadians, I will play a bit more open but it is always good to be a bit cautious and see what the opponents are doing first.”

Layne has now presided over nine victories by the national senior squad while losing six and drawing the same number. He would be heartened by the team’s goal-scoring as the two goals by veteran striker Llewellyn Riley and star midfielder Norman Forde against Grenada brought the national team’s tally of goals to 34 in 21 matches under him, while conceding 31.

Barbados also convincingly won both matches against Bermuda’s national side during a three-match goodwill tour last year and Layne, who is preparing the Rockets for their 2004 World Cup qualifying campaign in June, says he welcomes these tune-up games.

“That’s the only way we will know how good we are, so these games are more like a test for us,” Layne said.

Canada, who will be playing in Barbados for the first time, are ranked 87th in the world but had a dismal record last year, winning just two and losing seven of their nine matches.

Due to minor injuries to key players Jeff Clarke, Carl Fletcher, Pat Onstad, and the unavailability of Edgar Bartolomeu, the Canadians have called in five members of the Olympic qualifying squad in goalkeeper Andrew Olivieri, defenders David Frondimadis and Adam Braz, striker Rob Friend, and midfielder Josh Simpson.

Manager Morgan Quarry revealed the team has no base in Canada, but were able to organise a five-day camp in Florida, where they started preparations for tonight’s match.

“It’s really a new start, and the players are looking forward to it. We have to get better at what we do, and this is an opportunity for us to get going again,” he said after a 90-minute training session at the Stadium yesterday.

Those four defeats were 2-0 against Cuba, 3-2 versus Finland, 5-1 against the Czech Republic and 3-0 to Ireland, but the Barbadians would be warned not to read too much into these results as they came against quality opposition.

Despite defeating the Grenadians last Sunday, Barbados will need to be a lot tighter at the back, especially with their marking as the Spice Boyz had at least four clear opportunities to score, which they squandered.

Veteran defender Wayne Sobers was solid at the sweeper position but a couple of mix-ups with captain John Parris almost proved costly, while roving right wing back Stuart Hall did not enjoy a good game.

It will be surprising if Hall starts again ahead of Ivy Rovers’ defender Brian Neblett or his former Paradise teammate, Johnathan Straker, who was named best defender in the Premier League last year.


Canadian's 'golden goal' - Sunday 18, January-2004

by Barry Alleyne

CANADIANS are known for ice hockey, not soccer.

However, the country’s 39-year-old soccer coach, Frank Yallop, wants to lift the game in the eyes of his countrymen.

Yallop, the second youngest man to lead Canada’s football team into a World Cup qualification campaign, hopes to get off on the right foot tonight, when his troops play Barbados in a friendly international at the National Stadium.

Taking up a job not many Canadians want has provided Yallop with extra motivation to please a country that cares little about soccer, and only about ice hockey or other winter sports.

For the new coach, its all about a change in attitude, and he wants to see the first signs from 8 p.m. today when his players suit up against the Bajan Rockets.

“The enthusiasm is there for sure. Like all Canadians, these guys are very proud, and want to do well. My real job is to create the right mindset, the right attitude which can be transfered to the field of play, and yield the right results,” Yallop told SUNSPORT after taking the team through a late-morning workout at the National Stadium yesterday.

According to the coach, who only took over the national programme just before Christmas, many Canadian players are very good, but don’t think they can line up with their more celebrated European or South American counterparts. “The truth is, we have some really good players, and I’m going to do my best to make them believe in themselves some more.”

Tonight’s match should be a perfect stepping stone, since no professional players who play in Europe have made the trip, leaving Yallop with five Olympic (Under-23) players, and a number of experienced players trying to cement their place. Among them are Mark Watson, a striker with 62 caps to his name.

Manager, Morgan Quarry, summed it up best.

“The game is really important even though its the first game of the year, because we have some young players trying to show they belong at this level, and some mature players trying to show they still have what it takes.”

Yallop isn’t sticking his head in the stars just yet either.

“The aim is to make the World Cup, but you can’t just expect miracles to happen in a short time. You have to work really hard to get there, and that’s what we plan to do.”

He expects Canadians to eventually warm to this national team. “It’s going to be a hardsell, but I’m up to it. Fans of any sport won’t come out to see a team that keeps losing all the time. I’m sure once we bring the right attitude and the results start coming, soccer will make it big in Canada.”

Manager Quarry said the team played quite a few international matches the past two years against top European teams like Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic, but their focus is now the other side of the planet, with matches expected against CONCACAF teams as they prepare for their first World Cup qualifier against Belize in June.

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I remain disgusted as to how we, Canadians, cannot listen or watch this game via a Canadian media outlet. The more I think about it, the more it turns my stomach. Sportsnet does a good job, but where is CBC? Aren't they supposed to be a national station? Isn't the Canadian team a national team? Friendly or not, its a rare instant where our mens team is in action. Pathetic.

Go Yallop! :)

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I don't know if this game is the kind of thing that should be a broadcast priority for any of our networks (I am referring to PortoMarco's post). It is a friendly, being played by what is essentially a 'B' (or even a 'C') squad, against a Caribbean minnow, that was announced on very short notice. If we, as soccer fans, want to be complaining about/lobbying for coverage, the World Cup qualifiers should be our priority.

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