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Justin Thompson leaves Bury


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quote:Originally posted by batch

Bury have just got a new manager, maybe he didnt feature in his plans or the manager simply needed to get someone off the wage bill to get someone else in.

I think it was the loan of Challindor that did in Justin. He was a back-up in league play so the addition of another player put him at risk, plus, he was listed as doubtful due to injury for the last game so they may have just decided to cut him loose. He was on week to week status.

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quote:Originally posted by Natesta

Would seem silly to release him if a bigger club is interested.

How'd they make any money that way?

Likely it's some type of move sideways or down rather than up.

Thompson was basically on a week to week contract. Bury didn't commit to him and thus would'nt have been able to command a transfer fee even if they were aware of another clubs interest. It is likely sideways or backwards as you say, however.

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