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Canadians abroad: December 26/03 - January 1/04


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[*]In this thread post match updates on all Canadians abroad for December 26, 2003 - January 1, 2004.

[*]If you find updates posted in some other thread or on the other Voyageurs forum then post them here as well, but be sure to credit the original poster.

[*]If there is news that is particularly significant (eg. someone scores a big goal, someone gets injured, etc.) then feel free to begin a new thread on that topic in order to draw greater attention or start a discussion, but also post that news here.

[*]Some comments on news posted in this thread are okay, but let's not let this thread go off into a long discussion. If the news already appears in another thread (as per the previous bullet) then post your comments in that other thread, otherwise if you want to say something significant or if it is likely to generate replies then begin a new thread.

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I'm surprised no one posted these Boxing Day reports from England:


Manchester United 3 Everton 2

Tomasz Radzinski did not dress for Everton.

Portsmouth 2 Tottenham 0

Lars Hirschfeld did not dress for Tottenham.

First Division

Norwich 1 Nottingham Forest 0

Jim Brennan was subbed on in the 69th minute for Norwich.

Wigan 1 Rotherham 2

As mentioned above, Jason de Vos played 90 for Wigan. He was yellow carded in the 79th minute.

Coventry 0 Sheffield United 1

Paul Peschisolido was an unused sub for Sheffield United.

Second Division

Bournemouth 0 Plymouth 2

Jason Bent did not dress for Plymouth.

Notts County 3 Queen's Park Rangers 3

Marc Bircham played 90 for QPR, receiving a yellow card in the 70th minute.

Blackpool 2 Tranmere 1

Iain Hume did not dress for Tranmere.

Brighton 4 Wycombe 0

Mark Rogers started for Wycombe, but was red carded in the 65th minute after two yellows (the first in the 29th minute). All the goals were scored before Rogers' red, but after an earlier Wycombe dismissal.

Third Division

Bury 1 Carlisle 3

Terry Dunfield started for Bury but was subbed out in the 64th minute.

Justin Thompson was an unused sub for Bury.

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:)uhmmmmmm, it's traditional, the IFL played a full slate of games too. Kinda like why does the NCAA play all those bowl games during the holiday season or why does the NBA play Christmas Day?

Apparently Boxing Day is a big day at the horse tracks as well, in England, Ireland or why is there Sunday shopping in New Brunswick and liquor stores can be open 'till midnight all summer but nothing is allowed to be open on Boxing Day............'Cuz is the only answer;)

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

I don't think many (including myself) realized the matches were being played Boxing day, rather than on the regular saturday. Strange that, given that it would have been nice to give players more time off for Christmas - anyone know why they do it this way?

For as long as i can remember games have been played on Boxing day. I dont really know the reason why though. I believe that in the past teams would play on Christmas Day AND Boxing Day.

I know that the Wigan players (as did most clubs) trained on Christmas day morning.

There is also a full set of fixtures tomorrow.

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quote:Originally posted by Ivan

Hey Batch, can you give us a report on Devos? How is he playing? Is he still playing himself into shape? Any comparisons to last year?

Appreciate your input.

De Vos is now totally back to full fitness after the foot operation. At the moment he is playing OK, but not spectacularly well. The whole team have hit a sticky patch at the moment and are playing as 11 individuals rather than one team. On the whole i'd say he is playing a little below par if compared to last year.

De Vos though is still writing himself into Wigan Athletic folklore. I'm sure he'll be regared as a legend soon enough.

The season De Vos came to us he played alongside a guy called Arjan De Zeeuw who is now playing for Portsmouth in the Premiership. When i compare De Zeeuw and De Vos, De Vos always comes out on top. I'm pretty confident that De Vos will one day play in the Premiership, hopefully with Wigan.

A little bit about the Canadian national team - In his weekly news column in the local newspaper, De Vos said he's really looking forward to getting back playing for the national team now that Frank Yallop has been appointed as manager.

Right, i think that just about covers everything. Anything else you want to know just feel free to ask. :)

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

de zeeuw has more ball penache though does he not? de vos is the superior defender, and a better goal scorer (free kick headers)

Yes, perhaps De Zeeuw is probably better with the ball at his feet but, as you said, De Vos is the better defender and thats what he gets paid for.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Saturday in Scotland:

McKenna started at striker for Hearts and was subbed out m. 60, though not before a few good chances at goal went for nought. Drew scoreless vs. Motherwell. Still third but just one point above 4th place side in SPL.

I see no Rhian Dodds for Kilmarnock.

Xausa did not dress for Falkirk, who lost away to Queen of the South. The team has fallen off pace in Div 1.

Bottiglieri started for Morton who beat a non-league team 4-0 to go into the third round of the Scottish FA cup, a home draw vs. Partick Thistle. They remain well in front in Div 2 in spite of having the game in hand.

Full slate of England games this Sunday afternoon.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Radz played 90 but it was Rooney off the bench who got the only goal as Everton beat Birmingham City 1-0.

In Div. 1 Jim Brennan came on at the half as Norwich hit Derby for four away to stay top in the division.

Jason de Vos and Paul Peschisolido got to run at each other for ten minutes as the former played 90 and the latter just from m. 79 on as Wigan and Sheffield United drew 1-1. Both fall off pace of Norwich.

In Div. 2 Iain Hume was subbed off 2nd half just before Tranmere got the goal to draw Sheffield Wed. at home 2-2. Even at midtable Rovers could push into a playoff spot with a good run, as Div. 2 is very tight.

Jason Bent did not dress for Plymouth, who won over Brentford and remain top in that league.

Trailing them by four is QPR, where Marc Bircham played a hard 88 until being subbed as they also won over Colchester.

Rogers started on the bench and stayed there as Wycombe lost at home to Rusheden to stay at the bottom of the division.

Div 3 Terry Dunfield played 90 but to no avail as Bury fell to Huddersfield 1-0.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Simon Rayner continues to shine in his new team in Wales, Port Talbot, with two wins over the holidays.

On the 20th he played in goal as they beat Caernarfon 4-1, while on last Saturday he was there again as they beat Afan Lido 1-2 away on a late goal.

The team has lost only two league games with Rayner since October, and have 4 wins and a pair of draws in the last six matches. They have also moved from relegation spots early in the season to the upper mid table in two months.

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