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Adam Braz???


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Finally some news on Adam Braz. Too bad he's not going back to Europe.


MONTREAL, December 17, 2003 – Adam Braz is back home. The 22-year-old defender, who had left the Impact after the 2002 season to join ranks with club Vasteras SK, a second-division Swedish team, has returned to play with the Montreal squad. "I loved my experience in Sweden but I wanted to play at home," said Braz (photo), a Montreal native who started 25 of 30 games with club Vasteras. "I think I learned a lot by playing abroad. I acquired more maturity both as a player and an individual. But on the other hand, the Impact is doing very well and I wanted to play in my home town. I’m really happy and excited to be back."

Despite his rookie status in 2002, Braz played 20 of 28 games with the Impact, 17 as a starter. He played a total of 1,554 minutes, ranking 4th among defenders on the team that year.

"Adam brings a lot to the team both on the field and in the dressing room," said Impact head coach Nick DeSantis. "Although he was a rookie in 2002, he quickly earned a spot as a starter. Now, after a stint in Europe, he’s coming back to us with even more experience."

By playing in Europe, Braz was fulfilling every soccer player’s dream, but he admits it wasn’t always easy.

"We started the season very strong and the team was in the top three in the league. But after a string of injuries to key players, we went 10 games without a win. We finally finished 11th overall (out of 16 teams) and at the end of the season, our coach was fired."

As for the difference in the level of play between the A-League and Sweden, Braz believes the Impact can compete.

"I think we tend to underestimate the calibre here," he says. "After playing there, I think the Impact could easily compete with teams in Sweden, even first-division clubs."

Braz, who will take part in the Impact’s tour of children’s hospitals, Thursday, will join the Canadian Olympic team’s training camp at the end of December to prepare for the qualifiers for the 2004 Games in Athens.


In other news, the Impact drafted two players, Wednesday, at the A-League college draft : University of Louisville midfielder Adrian Cann, from Thornhill, Ontario, in the first round, and Montrealer Olivier Occean, a striker with Southern Connecticut State University, in the second and final round.

Occean, who is 6’1 and 180 pounds, was recently picked for the second straight year on the first All-American team in the NCAA’s Division II. This season, he scored 21 goals and collected 48 points, tying a team record.

Cann, 6’3 and 165 pounds, is the first player in Louisville history to become an All-American. He was the team’s MVP for two straight years.





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Fun to revive these old threads, and more so when it is a classic Rancagua thread with question marks galore.

I see Braz, after retiring and going into management with Impact, is now writing for the MLS site. That surprised me, as I was not sure if he had journalistic training or not. I only saw the article because he gets a strong byline, name in title of article


PS. happens to be a rather insightful analysis, good for him.

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