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cheers to The Voyageurs!


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i just want to say, and have been meaning to say for quite some time now, that you guys have been fantastic in supporting our nation! i go to the Total Club Manager board which is mostly english fans. when england plays they don't talk half in length or in passion regarding their nats - though they do hold a grudge much longer! after a match they may use up 3 pages of posts, but by the mid second page will be off on some weird tangent. also, you don't read about in depth discussions about current and future u20/u23 teams and NEVER about their u17's!

(very little mention was made at all about the u20 cup - considering england's performance i don't blame them. no doubt canada would have beaten them)

you all deserve a pat on the back for the wonderful passion and support. makes me proud to be an (unofficial) voyageur! (i haven't used the "join us" option yet!)

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