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Seven Oaks Soccerplex & that next gen. turf.


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Finaly had a chance to kick it about a bit on this next generation artifical turf at Seven Oaks/Garden City and all I can say is I don't want to play anywhere else this winter.

1st class facility from top to bottom. An absolute ace. If there was a lounge overlooking the playing field I'd rate the place A++ 100%. sadly, not much chance of a lounge anytime soon.

Anyway, with the indoor season upon us I just thought I'd re-raise the blah, blah, blahing over Field Turf, Astroturf Plus, and the future of Canada's football fields.

Myself, I had a pretty open mind about all the optimism some quarters of the sporting world had for TNG turf and I'll tell you I'm totaly convinced. The field at Seven Oaks plays better than 95% of the outdoor natural fields I've seen in Winnipeg. Maybe that dosen't say much for The 'Peg, but it's a cold hard fact.

Bit soft maybe (we'll call it a realy lush Left Coast pitch). And boy can you zig and zag on the stuff but the ball dosen't skate or boing up on you, it just plays realy well.

They should tear down Soccer Spectrum and build a Seven Oaks twin on the foundations. Wonderful stuff.

P.S. Keep the lounge!!

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Props to Cheeta for mentioning my beloved Garden City!

Truth be told that certain individuals have a near sited view of the indoor game in the peg. Ironic, since its the only game in town for at least six months out of the year.

Instead of playing out of 3 or 4 sub standard facilities, GC not included, why don't the respective owners of these places come together, with the MSA, and buy a bubble to cover the turf at Winnipeg Stadium. They did it here in Ottawa and the facility, playing wise, is an absolute gem.

I guess they don't want to squabble over the profits, eh

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You've got to be pulling my chain.

One of those inflateable bubble thingys over the turf? Sounds crazy enough to work!

More data please. Where? How big? Lighting? What, the ground isn't bloody cold?

Damn, forget everyone else. The Bombers' have the run of the stadium. Non-football revenues are a vital part of their budget. If they could make a go of getting winter use from the stadium it would be worth at least looking into.

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Funny to read this, considering a friend just left to go play touch football there not 2 minutes ago.

He's referring to the Colisuem League/Facility (it covers Frank Clair's playing field). It's pretty nice.. I tried to set up a men's rec team for the winter league, good luck there was a huge waiting list for slots in the leagues.

It's hooked up to the city's gas lines so they don't need to pay for heating (part of the rental contract)


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