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Edmonton Supporters Name?


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Now that we've got a team, what should we call our "hard core" supporters?

I'm interested in opening a website similar to Cook's Mustang Alley, but we'd need a name.

No Edmonton Ultras though... that's been done to death, although "Ultra-lites" was pretty funny. The PlaneCrazies? lol..

so far I like "Edmonton Aces" but that was without a whole bunch of thought. I slapped up a temporary site here just for fun.

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Here's a few suggestions:

The Merry Friends of May (Wop May that is, Canada's foremost 'pilot de bush').

The Stews. (Self explanatory).

The RunWay Strutters.


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Ultras is more a movement than a name. So calling yourself Ultras brings a heritage and you must "act" in order to respect the movement a bit.

So, I think it is not a name that can be "overused". That's a personnal opinion... But whatever the name, ultras + cityname or anything else, you gotta make your proofs.

So good luck gathering hardcore fans Edmonton!!!

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