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CP: Canada slips in world soccer rankings


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I know that FIFA's rankings are bunk, but it is hard to argue with being dropped when we keep losing big, even if it is to quality sides. No doubt it we spanked Haiti and Indonesia 3 times in a month, we'd jump 10 places or so.

Canada slips in world soccer rankings

Canadian Press

Zurich — Canada fell another four places in the November world soccer rankings released Wednesday, sliding to No. 87.

It is Canada's lowest ranking in 21 months and represents a 17-place drop since the start of the year.

The Canadian men, losers to Finland, the Czech Republic and Ireland in their last three matches, are sandwiched between Indonesia and Haiti.

Canada stands ninth in CONCACAF, which covers North and Central America and the Caribbean.

In other changes, Mexico moved up three spots to fifth while Scotland returned to the top 50 for the first time in almost two years.

World champion Brazil still leads the rankings despite being held to a draw by Peru in its latest World Cup qualifier. France, Spain, Argentina and Mexico complete the top five.

Saudi Arabia (No. 26, up four), Egypt (No. 34, up six), Iran (No. 35, up seven) and Iraq (No. 44, up eight) all made significant progress, while Scotland climbed eight places to No. 50 thanks to its 1-0 victory over the Netherlands. An impressive win over Turkey moved Latvia up 13 spots to No. 56.

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quote:Originally posted by Natesta

I'm more worried about the ninth in CONCACAF, that's just sad.

We need a coach now.

Someone who can revamp the current system.

In about 6 months we will start a process that will see us climb into the top 50 and top 4 in CONCACAF. Many of the teams in CONCACAF ahead of us in the rankings are there because they have to qualify for the Gold Cup. The beatings were are taking now will pay off.

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As I am not entirely familiar with what black magical arts FIFA uses to figure out the ranking, it does seem that Canada needs to play more international games. I know it would be difficult as the players have club committments but maybe more friendlies could be arranged in Europe and not disrupt team commitments. The more we play, the more experience the guys get and that can only help. It seems FIFA must make its assessment of Canada based on a fairly small number of games.

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well this is what u get if yer picking on top 15, makes sense to me even tho i dont care, the rankings are meaningless to me...the rules are simple, u win u get three points or two points (friendlies too) if we tied its one point, we lose we get nothing. I agree Canada needs to play more often, we have nothing to lose anymore and yes wel need to get rid of that interim coach but i think he did ok on ireland.

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Well we are ranked so low because frankly our results have been piss poor.

Canada in 2003

USA 4 Canada 0

Lybia 2 Canada 4

Estonia 2 Canada 1

Costa Rica 0 Canada 1

Cuba 2 Canada 0

Germany 4 Canada 1

Finland 3 Canada 2

Czech Republic 5 Canada 1

Ireland 3 Canada 0

We've been outscored 25 - 10 :)

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quote:Originally posted by Jarrek

Last time I checked you don't get any points based on the quality of the opposition, nor do you get any for losing games.

Then you'd better check again, Jarrek. ;) The quality of the opposition does affect the number of points you can get. You can get points in a defeat if your opponent is better than you (points can be awarded both for the actual loss (ie. just playing the game) and also for scoring goals and/or not giving up too many goals).

Once again I'll post the link to the explanation because people are always commenting on how the rankings are so "mysterious": http://www.fifa.com/en/rank/procedures.html. (Some journalists should take a look at that link.)

quote:Originally posted by matthew

We can get a coach around 5:30 p.m. central time on Sunday. Patience.

Okay, this is bugging me now. I don't get it. Is this particular time significant or what? [:I]
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