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bent and bircham


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Yes, that's the plan. I think only injury will prevent that from happening.

I guess there is a chance that Aguiar might be there as well if his wife has already given birth, but probably best not to count on it.

I expect that Bent & Bircham may likely replace Dasovic & Bernier as starters, with perhaps Bernier seeing some time in the 2nd half. Hopefully Stamatopoulos gets some time as well.

Probably see a starting line-up of:

Pesch Radz

Jazic Bircham Imhof Bent

Hastings, McKenna, De Vos, Stalteri


Switch Imhof & Stalteri and that would probably be my starting line-up - though I would like to see what Bernier can do on the international level.

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

why would anyone put stalteri at the back with his engine and passing abilities?

I agree with you about Staltieri's great engine in midfield but I wonder if he and Miller have spoken about what Staltieri feels is his best place in the side? He is a very experienced player, first team regular in the Bundesliga, and a very important member of our team. We haven't heard any rumblings from him from the Canadian camp about his not playing centre midfield for the national team during the last two internationals.

He is the right wingback/fullback for Werder Bremen: maybe he feels most comfortable in that position. Then again, if we have another similar result against the Irish, maybe his dissatisfaction will emerge. Who knows?

Enough of the conjecture and speculation: let's stuff the Irish!

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