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Slow news day: DeRosario in parking ticket scandal


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About as far away from soccer news as you can get without going to the General Discussion board. Picked this up from fark.com, if that's any indication.

The article below was trimmed because frankly it's not all that interesting, except to show you that soccer pros do get their perks in the USA. Link provided for those who really care.


Judge, former Los Gatos cop plead not guilty to conspiracy

By Howard Mintz

Mercury News

Rick E. Meyer - Mercury News

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge William Danser gets ready for his arraigment for alleged participation in a scheme to dismiss parking tickets.

Making their first appearances in the court system they are accused of trying to manipulate, a Santa Clara County judge and a former police detective pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that they fixed tickets and cases for friends and acquaintances, including members of the San Jose Sharks and Earthquakes.

Superior Court Judge William Danser, appearing beside his lawyer during a brief hearing in a downtown courtroom, rose to his feet and said ``not guilty'' when asked how he'd respond to felony conspiracy charges in connection with the alleged ticket-fixing scheme. Former Los Gatos police officer Randy Bishop entered the same plea.

The hearing in Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose marked the first formal response to the charges since Danser and Bishop were indicted last month for allegedly scheming to get tickets dismissed for local sports figures such as Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov, club president Greg Jamison and Earthquakes soccer forward Dwayne DeRosario.

In addition to the ticket-fixing allegations, Danser is accused in the indictment of steering two drunken-driving cases to his courtroom to mete out lenient results to defendants with connections to him.


The prosecution was triggered by an ethics probe earlier this year by the state Commission on Judicial Performance, which disciplines California's judges, after Danser used his judicial letterhead in an unsuccessful attempt to order Los Gatos police to dismiss a pair of parking tickets on his family car. Even if Danser is cleared of the criminal charges, the commission could still take away his robes.

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