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Foreign Players in Germany

Canuck Oranje

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This is an issue that has intrigued me for a while; but, really hit home when looking at the Hannover starting lineup this morning

G - Mark Zeigler (German)

D - Steve Cherundolo (American)

D - Kostas Konstantinidis (Greek)

D - Vinicius Bergantin (Italian/Brazilian, guessing dual citizen)

D - Kleber (Brazilian)

M - Julian de Guzman (Canadian)

M - Nebojsa Krupnikovic (Serbia & Montenegro)

M - Dariusz Zurow (Polish)

F - Jiri Stajner (Czech)

F - Thomas Christiansen (Spanish)

F - Mohamadou Idrissou (Camaroon)

Only one starting German in this Bundesliga side...

Then I went to www.transfermarkt.de because they have a summary of the number of Germans in each Bundesliga squad (Division one and two). It is very interesting to note that of the 973 players listed with 36 Bundesliga clubs, only 558 are Germans (264 Germans out of 507 in B-1 and 294 Germans out of 466 in B-2). This phenomena has, no doubt, increased the level of play in this league. However, I suspect it is also leading to some sensitivity among some in Germany.

This wouldn't mean much except when you consider that Germany is the most successful soccer playing nation after Brazil.

I would also say that it indicates how significant being a squad member on a German Bundesliga team(B-1 and B-2)not to mention a regular starter actually is (Hats off to our three Canadians).

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