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CPSL Week 18 [R]


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Wednesday, September 17

St. Catharines 0 Hamilton 1

From the CPSL site:

It appeared harmless enough, but when Hamilton Thunder’s David Simpson beat ‘keeper Dino Perri of St. Catharines Wolves in a goalmouth scramble at the 51st minute mark for what turned out to be the only goal of the game, it may also turn out to be one of the more important strikes of the season.

The 1-0 victory for Hamilton in the only game played in the Canadian Professional Soccer League Wednesday night gave the Thunder a commanding lead at the top of the Western Conference standings and put St. Catharines Wolves in a precarious position in their late-season bid for third place and the playoffs.

Hamilton Thunder (9-2-4 WLT for 31 points) leap to what looks like an insurmountable 7-point lead over second place Brampton Hitmen (7-4-3 for 24 points), while St. Catharines Wolves are in third, but only just with a 7-7-2 record at 23 points.

Toronto Croatia are just four points behind St. Catharines, but they have two games in hand.

So, while the season closes in on playoff time, it looks like it’s the third place positions that are going to be in doubt and up for grabs until the regular season league games are completed at the end of September.

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Thursday, September 18

Toronto Supra 2 London 2

From the CPSL site:

London City handed unbeaten Toronto Supra a serious set-back in their fight for Eastern Conference title honours at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke on Thursday night when the visitors struck in the dying minutes to tie the score 2-2.

Supra needed all three points to keep pace with leading Ottawa Wizards and a 2-1 result was all but assured until London midfielder Gentian Dervishi drove the ball past Supra 'keeper Michael Silva at the 89th minute mark

London had taken a 1-0 lead at 15 minutes on a goal by Gentjan Buzali and the lead held until five minutes from the interval when Supra's Danny Amaral made it 1-1.

Supra took a 2-1 lead seven minutes after the break and Dervishi scored the tying goal with a well placed strike to deprive the Toronto team of full points.

Supra trails Ottawa Wizards by just one point with a 9-0-6 WLT record for 33 points, but the Wizards with 34 points now have one game in hand.

London City improve to 3-10-3 for 12 points in the Western Conference.

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Just as I thought, the two Friday games had to be postponed due to Isabel. However, one of them has already been squeezed in next week. I guess they will be able to get the Playoff Cup in two weeks from now. It's still all too rushed if you ask me.

From the CPSL site:

Two games scheduled for Friday in the Canadian Professional Soccer League have been postponed and one game arranged for Saturday has been moved to another location.

Friday’s Vaughan Sun Devils vs. Brampton Hitmen scheduled for Dufferin Clark and Mississauga Olympians on tap for Memorial Park in Streetsville, have both been postponed.

The Mississauga Olympians vs. Toronto Croatia game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 23 at Memorial Park, an 8.45 p.m. kickoff.

One other game scheduled for the weekend has been affected by the weather. The Durham Flames vs. Laval Dynamites games scheduled for Dufferin Clark has been moved to Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke with the same kickoff time of 2.30 p.m.

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Result of the Saturday September 20th, 2003 CPSL game between Durham Flames and Laval Dynamites played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke (!) at 2:30pm.

18 min...Dynamites Leo Incollingo GOAL...Incollingo's 18 yard freekick is around Flames wall and into low left side of net beyond goalie Brandon Cedar.

29 min...Flames Laurence Ledwidge GOAL...Flames players work out short cornerkick from left, Flames Desi Humphrey crosses in from 20 yards on left and leaping Ledwidge heads 7 yarder from right into left side of net beyond goalie Nicola Pinto.

53 min...Dynamites Nick Rotiroti GOAL...With players scrambling in the Flames box and the ball partially cleared, Rotiroti blasts 10 yarder through crowd of players into low left side of net.

57 min...Dynamites Nasson Theosmy GOAL...Nasson Theosmy gets ball in box and 8 yard blast is into top left corner of net just two minutes after hitting a header just wide of goal.

83 min...Flames Ryan Dummett is pulled down on left side of box near end line and referee Andrew Jasinski calls for a penalty kick.

84 min...Flames Jahmno Welch GOAL...Welch blasts penalty kick off underside of crossbar in top right corner of net.

Final Score:...............Durham Flames..............2......................Laval Dynamites................3..........

Attendance had picked up to 10 (yes, ten) by the second half on this warm sunny afternoon. I counted the baby but not the dogs! This game was rescheduled from a game cancelled on August 16th because of the blackout. It was played at Etobicoke's Centennial Stadium (the usual home of the CPSL Toronto Supra) on Toronto's west side of the city (about a two hour drive through traffic from their usual Oshawa home field at Civic Stadium). Laval plays in St Catharines tomorrow and the league looks determined to finish all their games by playoff week on the first weekend of October. I had only two days notice about this game.

Fans weren't the only thing in short supply. Flames brought only one extra player so couldn't substitute to make more of a comeback. There was only one assistant referee and no fourth official. I was announcing the goals and substitutes on the PA system.

Flames were pressuring throughout the game and found holes in the Dynamites defense. They certainly regretted the lack of an assistant referee as the referee had to make some unpopular offside calls in the first half. Dynamites looked best when breaking out of their zone with quick runs. A very entertaining game. You'd never guess that the Flames had only won one league game this year. Dynamites still have a chance of catching the third and last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

So last Tuesday night a raccoon pushed a chimney pot off our roof and in its drop must have deflected off our satellite dish because the system won't pick up any signals. Starchoice will send someone on Monday. Big plans to watch the World Cup game on Sportsnet's west coast service are out so I'll be trying to pick some audio on the internet and hopefully watch the tape delay at my favourite pub tonight. Good luck Canadian ladies!

Rocket Robin


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From the CPSL site:

Ottawa midfielder Urbaine Some gave his side a 1-0 lead at the 18th minute mark of the game in Hamilton, and MacDonald Yobe scored twice for the Wizards, at 48 and 87 minutes, to put the game out of reach of a Hamilton Thunder. But the Steeltown team is still very much favoured to win the Western Conference title-- presently at 9-3-4 with 31 points, seven in front of Brampton Hitmen

The Wizards now have an 11-0-4 WLT record for 37 points, that’s four points in front of their nearest rivals, Toronto Supra.

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Result of the Sunday September 21st, 2003 CPSL game between Brampton Hitimen and London City played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 4:00pm.

18 min...Hitmen Milodrag Akmadzic GOAL...BH Kurt Mella crosses from left into box that goalie Altin Ruci gets hand to. Akmadzic kicks dropped ball from 1 yard on right side of box into net.

31 min...City Keith Andrew GOAL...Andrew's freekick from 25 yards on left is around four man wall on right and diving goalie Roy Blanche gets hand to it but pushes ball into right corner of net.

51 min...City Sergio Siguenza Velis GOAL...City Isa Bulka takes cornerkick from right, partially cleared and Velis blasts 30 yard shot that hits right post and deflects across goalmouth to hit left post and then deflect into net. Wow!

71 min...Hitmen Milodrag Akmadzic GOAL...BH Maximilian Andrada chips cross from left, goalie gets hand to it but Akmadzic pounds in 2 yarder on right post.

74 min...Hitmen Hugo Herrera GOAL...Herrera disposses City defender Sergio Siguenza Velis of ball on great scissor tackle steal while Velis is running away from net. Herrera finds himself in alone at 20 yards on left edge of box and sends 15 yard low shot to right corner of net.

81 min...Hitmen Phil Ionadi GOAL...Ionadi in middle of field connects on midair 25 yard blast from center that bends into right corner of net. Wow!

87 min...City RED card...Tonino Commisso picks up his second Yellow card within four minutes as he clips Hitmen Johnny Bustamante who had just crossed into City box. Referee Steve Mortimer also awarded a Penalty kick.

88 min...Hitmen Phil Ionadi GOAL...Ionadi shoots his Penalty kick low and into right corner of net leaving the goalie sliding over too late.

Final Score:..........Brampton Hitmen............5..............London City.............2..........

Attendance was about 125 on this warm sunny day with the brightness bothering the Hitmen forwards in the second half. A choice of four games in the Toronto area to watch but I chose this one as it's my first time to see London City in town this year.

A 'Goal of the Season' was struck by Velis of London City with his second half shot. Ionadi's 25 yard blast is another candidate, however the most 'important' goals were the two by defender Milodrag Akmadzic by pouncing on these garbage chances. Last year I heard he was the oldest player in the league at least forty. Never a problem to give him the command "talk to each other" when coach Steve Nijjar wants his players to communicate where they are. City coach Harry Paul Gauss was getting his players to do the same thing. Despite his runs upfield for to be the 'tall man' for cornerkicks or freekicks, he's usually back in the defence to stop counterattacks. And of course what would a game be like without him getting a Yellow card? This time for complaining to the referee about the London opening goal.

Hitmen break out of a losing slump and take a stronger hold on at least second place. City played well but only brought two subs so they had limited choices in bringing in their extra players and were stuck when some of their players were tiring.

No fourth official today so I got the call to put a spare ball into play on the numerous times a ball was put over the end or side walls of the field. With yesterday's microphone work at Centennial Stadium, I'm expanding from my limitations as the guy who's always writing into his notebook.

Rocket Robin


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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

North York 0 Ottawa 0

Odd weekend for the Wizards. I would have expected a win against North York and perhaps a tie against Hamilton.... not the other way around...

I must say, I was totally --- but very pleasantly! --- shocked to see this result. I not only expected an Ottawa win, I expected a blowout. I haven't been able to make it out to North York games for a while so I don't know what happened here, but it was a nice result to see!

From the CPSL site:

Eastern Conference leaders and defending CPSL champions Ottawa Wizards failed to take advantage of their second-half mid-field dominance over North York Astros and had to settle for a scoreless tie at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York on Sunday.

Good work by a tireless Astros’defence, particularly goalkeeper Luciano Miranda, combined with poor finishing by the team from Canada’s capital, produced the 0-0 result at a time when the Wizards were looking for three points to keep Toronto Supra at bay at the top of their eastern division.

Ottawa now has a 11-0-5 WLT record for 38 points to remain unbeaten at the top of the Eastern Conference 5 points in front of also unbeaten Toronto Supra with their 33 points from 15 games

Other results from Sunday, September 21:

St. Catharines 2 Laval 1

From the CPSL site:

League-leading scorer Carlo Arghittu added two more to his season tally in leading St. Catharines Wolves to a 2-1 win over Laval Dynamites at Club Roma. Laval took a 1-0 lead at the 9th minute mark on a goal by Nasson Theosmy and Arghittu tied the score for St. Catharines after 18 minutes.

The prolific Roma Wolves striker then struck the winner at 85 minutes in a game that saw Dynamites ‘keeper Nicolas Pinto make some spectacular saves to keep his team in the game.

St. Catharines improve to an 8-7-2 record for 26 points in the Western Conference, one point behind Brampton Hitmen following Sunday’s games. The Hitmen have two games in hand.

Metro 1 Vaughan 2

From the CPSL site:

Vaughan Sun Devils stayed in the playoff hunt with a 2-1 victory over Metro Lions at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough, a game in which Lions’ Hayden Fitzwilliams failed to convert a penalty kick in the dying minutes of the game.

Pop Gabriel put Metro Lions in the lead two minutes after the interval following a scoreless first half. Mathew Palleschi tied for the Sun Devils three minutes later at the 50th minute mark and Joey Todaro struck the winner at 67 minutes for a 2-1 final score. The Sun Devils still have a good chance for third position in the Eastern Conference with a 6-2-6 record for 24 points and two games in hand over Laval with 23 points from 16 games

Toronto Croatia 4 Durham 0

From the CPSL site:

Toronto Croatia sent a strong signal with a 4-0 emphatic victory over Durham Flames at Memorial Park on Sunday, for their fifth unbeaten game in September.

The team from Streetsville is determined to capture the Western Conference third place playoff spot and after picking up 13 points from the five games the team now has a 7-7-1 record for 22 points, just 4 points behind third place St. Catharines Wolves with two games in hand.

Jure Pavic opened the scoring for Croatia at the 4th minute mark in a first half that saw Croatia 'keeper George Azcurra save from the penalty spot.

Goran Grubisic (49 minutes), Tom Granic (73 minutes) and Edin Kalic (87 minutes) scored second half goals for the home side in a 4-0 final.

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