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foot problems


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Not really soccer related but some of you may have encountered this type of problem in your soccer playing days.

I rolled my foot several years ago and incurred what is known as an "avulsion" break of a bone in my foot. That is when the ligaments are pulled to a great degree but do not break but rather pull little shards of bone away from the main bones of the feet. The foot still gives me trouble if I try to do much in the way of running or other training. I had new x-rays done this year and the bone shards have purportedly disolved. Any of you experienced similar injuries and what have you done for treatment. I'm even considering accupuncture! Any help is appreciated.

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I have actually recently injured myself and am dealing with the same problem, it has got better. But, as you mentioned if I push too hard by playing several times a week it will be sore.

I've been dealing with this for about a month. I saw a physio and she said its not broken or anything, she showed me how to stretch the the tendons on my foot which keeps the foot more mobile. So thats how I'm coping at the moment.

I will try a sports physio and get an x-ray after my season ends.

Hopefully it will heal for the winter season.


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