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Who got injured

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Chapman wasn't on the list of 20, submitted to FIFA Monday, that also excluded Linda Consolante. Chapman's injury has apparently ruled her out of any possibility of being in the WWC. The source of speculation was a report yesterday from the Consolante's University of Maine that she was recalled to Canada because of an injury to another WNT player.


Typical of Canada that we have to know what is happening with our national teams by relying on foreign sources.

Speculation is that it may be for replacing Breanna Boyd or Carmen Moscato, who were both named despite ongoing injuries. Specualtion is further that Pellerud may be , like many other national team coaches preparing for the WWC, playing fast and loose with the "replacement due to certifiable serious medical injury 24 hours before the first match" rule from the WWC Reg's. Such a switch, the speculation goes, will only be made after the friendly in Kingston on Sunday, so a clearer assessment can be made.

Who knows, there may even be room for Claire Rustad to also return at the end of the day, but Consolante is touted as the number one replacement.

This is a variation of the Chinese WNT coach's tactic of bringing 23 to the US after secretly submitting his list to FIFA (though it won't be secret to the other National Associations) and only informing his players who made the team just before the competition starts [:o)] (with their doctors certifying the droppees as having "serious medical injuries"- the Regs are wide enough for this kind of abuse).

Other WNT's have brought extra players to the US on expectation of perhaps using this out.

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quote:Originally posted by Auger9

the injured star is Breanna Boyd!

great...we just lost two of our three top defenders...and it couldnt have come at a better time!

please do keep in mind (like i said in my other post) that it isn't for sure that bre will be out for wwc ... her teammates do not know yet, and i'll try to find out more tomorrow.


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