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Pellerud, Yallop quiet on Cdn. coaching job


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(CP) - Two candidates to succeed Holger Osieck as Canadian men's soccer coach aren't saying much at this stage of the job search.

Frank Yallop says he is focusing on running the MLS San Jose Earthquakes while Even Pellerud is steering his Canadian women's team towards the World Cup. Pellerud says he won't comment on taking over the men's team unless the Canadian Soccer Association approaches him about the job. "I will comment on that if the question comes," Pellerud said prior to his team's friendly against Mexico in Burnaby, B.C., on Thursday night.

"I have no answer to no question."

Yallop, whose team leads the MLS at present, is also occupied elsewhere.

"It's very flattering to be mentioned as someone who maybe has a chance of getting the job but for me, right now, I've just got to concentrate on what I'm doing at San Jose," he said Thursday from California. "I don't want to waiver from that. I've heard nothing from anybody. So it's only press and it's only people putting my name forward that is making it what it is."

But the former Canadian international, who declined to divulge his contract details with San Jose, did not shut the door on the national team job.

"I want to see this season out and whatever happens, happens," he said. "If they come and talk to me, then we'll see. But at the moment, it's San Jose, San Jose, MLS. It's all I'm thinking of and all I really can focus on."

Yallop, 39, is seen as a future coaching star. He has already made his mark in San Jose, taking the Earthquakes from the MLS basement to championship in 2001.

Pellerud, 50, is a former player himself who has earned respect for his handling of the women's team.

Both coaches are widely admired by their players.

Osieck announced his retirement Tuesday, saying he was leaving for personal reasons. The German native coached the team for five years.

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No thanks for Pellerud. We don't need to be playing that boring style. Plus, I have my reservations about how well he could switch over to coaching the men. I'd assume that the approach (more off the field than on) to coaching men as compared to women would be quite different. Plus the competition on the women's side is just so shallow compared to the men and Pellerud has taken over some fine teams. Taking over Canada (men) would be so drastically different, I'm not sure he would be the right man for the job.

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What's this stupid thing about having Pellerud as the national team coach? the guy has played all but one real game (Gold Cup final against USA) in his tenure as the head coach of the women's national team program and now they are promoting him to men's World Cup team head coaching? are these guys for real? And his match record in Women's soccer is comparable to that of Osieck right now. Is Neil smoking pot before writing?

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