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Wyn Belotte: I chose Wisla ...


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Translated from: http://www.wisla.koti.com.pl/news.php?id=61

Wyn Belotte: I chose Wisla

Nineteen year old Canadian International Wyn Belotte signed with Wisla on Monday and two days later scored two goals for the reserve side.

Micha³ Bia³oñski: Canadians are excellent hockey players, you chose football. How did you come about to your decision?

Wyn Belotte: I come from the Caribbean islands, and they play football there and not hockey. When I was 14 I ended up in the Nantes school system where I refined my skills. I then left for Sweden looking for first team football. Right now I'm in Poland, and I'm really happy with the opportunitiy that Wisla has given me.

What did you know about Wisla before you arrived here?

I have several contacts that informed me that Wisla is one of the most powerful polish football clubs.

How do you compare the Swedish Allsvenskan to the Polish Extraklasa?

The Extraklasa is a much better league. The play is much faster, and the players are very quick with the ball.

What do you expect to achieve with Wisla?

I would love to play in the UEFA Cup, even though right now it is not possible (due to UEFA regulations). Right now I'm playing with Wisla II (Reserve team), with hopes of moving up to the first team.

Did you talk to Kasperczak (Wisla Manager) yet?

Of Course! He told me that I should strive to play my best and that an opportunitiy to play with the first team will come. I have to be patient.

The english language among Polish footballers is not that great, how will you communicate with them?

It's better for me ... (joking) ... When I screw something up they won't understand when I cuss ... (laughter)

What team would you ultimately like to play for?

I don't want to think about that at the moment. My priorities are with Wisla.

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