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2004 Canada Open Cup Bracket


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Now that everyone is going nuts over Canadian soccer, I thought that I'd throw this in for some fun and comments.

View the Bracket at http://members.shaw.ca/mark.christie/page8.html

It took some tweaking and an odd addition or two, but I think that it is relatively plug and play.

Total teams included: 24

5 A-league clubs

4 PDL clubs (I figure Calgary or Edmonton will have one - if not plug in another club in the west.

10 provincial representatives from the 2003 National Championships

PCSL Champion

CPSL Open Cup Winner - London

CPSL Champion - Ottawa

LSEQ Champion

I needed a team from the East (preferably Quebec) to fill the bracket, so I chose Laval (CPSL)

I tried to use current provicial champions when I could, but some have not been determined yet, so I used former champions.

I think that this format is quite doable, easily changed and expandable.

Have fun tearing my theories apart. I welcome any and all comments.


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Well, nice work, and as a fun thing it's fine, but I'm going to say what I said last time you proposed such a tournament (at least I think it was you): let's start smaller --- because I don't believe that anyone in Canada can effectively organize as extensive a tournament as you've described right off the bat.

Another thing that I've been meaning to mention: I think the CSA is only interested in the national teams. I don't think we're going to see something like this organized by the CSA any time soon, regardless of what they say, because it does little to help our national teams.

Sorry to be so negative, but that's how I feel. It's hard enough to be a fan of Canadian soccer, but as someone who now prefers the club game to the national team game it's even worse.

P.S. I just noticed on the other board you said this tournament would be called the "Voyageurs Cup". For the record, I am strongly opposed to the idea of giving our name to the CSA or anyone else (including corporate sponsorship). They can come up with their own tournament and their own name. Even if this were to happen, there would still be a place for the Voyageurs Cup as it is today. An "Open" Cup would be something different.

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I didn't think that one game a month, played on mostly a regional level would be too difficult to organize (like the cups in the UK)

I just assumed that the intent of the Voyageurs Cup was to eventually award the national champion of the Canada Open Cup. If my proposed competition did go ahead, what would be the nature of the "Voyageurs Cup" competition? (who would play in it, just the A-League teams?)

In any case, I value your input.

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O.K., I see where the confusion is.

This is not a tournament, where everyone meets in the same place. This is a once-every-four-week competition, kinda like the FA Cup.

I had designed tournaments in the past, but they were international in scope (Canada vs whatever 7 nations, etc). The 2004 Bracket starts very regionally and grows larger in scope as the competition progresses.

If you need dates, how about on or around June 2nd, June 30th, July 28th, August 25th, and September 25th (to avoid clashes with scheduling, especially the A-League Playoffs)?

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Another idea for Canada Open Cup, based on FA Cup format.

Qualifiers for Amateur teams

Round 1

- Provincial Cup Winners vs. Provincial League winners

- Interprovincial playdowns - Alb vs BC, Sask vs. Man, Ont vs Qc - Atlantic

- 4 teams - 2 East, 2 West

Round 2

- 4 Amateur teams face off against PCSL Champion, National Amateur Champion, CPSL Cup winner and CPSL league Winner

Round 3

- 3 Canadian USL teams (A-league, PSL, PDL Im not sure about the resrve teams like the Calgary Storm Prospects though adn I dont think thaT in other countries Open Cup Competitions the reserve teams are allowed to enter) + the Voyageurs cup Winner.

Semi Finals

Not too sure how to configure this one but it will be regionalized.


East vs West

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