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Wizards Offer Canada Cup Alternative


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Wizards Offer Canada Cup Alternative

September 1, 2003


Ottawa Wizards invites Kanata,Durham Flames,St.Catharines Wolves,Metro Lions to OZ Optics Invitational Soccer Tournement which will be held in OZ Optics Stadium in Carp (West Ottawa) October 10-13 2003.

Ottawa Wizards will pay each travelling team $800 CAD for travelling expenses plus meals after the each game up to 20 persons per team.There will be additional $800 CAD for accomadation for winning visiting team finalists.The team that wins the tournement will also get $2500 CAD prize money. The teams are required to confirm their participation in writing and send $500 CAD deposit by Sept.10 2003 at 5 pm. The deposits will be returned to the teams once they participate in the tournement. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday Oct.10 8.30 pm Durham Flames vs Kanata.

The winner will play Ottawa Wizards Oct.12 Sunday at 2pm in the semi final.

Oct.12 Sunday at 4 pm St.Catharines Wolves vs Metro Lions in the semi final.

Finals will be played on October 13 Thanksgiving Monday at 2 pm.

In the event , Kanata wins Ontario Cup every attempt will be made to change the qualifying game to fit their Canadian Club Championship games schedule.

In the event , any team that misses the confirmation date of September 10 2003 ,new invitations will be issued to the teams in the following order.

1-Toronto Supra

2-Vaughn Sun Devils

3-Hamilton Thunder

4-Bramton Hitmen

5-Laval Dynamites

All participating teams can only have players who is under contact with the team on or before September 1 2003. The teams are also allowed to bring players from their affiliated teams.

The Wizards are negotiating with Rogers to televise the games. It looks promising that the games will be televised.

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The Playoff Cup will quite possibly be held that same weekend. Did the Wizards even think about this? It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this proposal. Or are the Wizards not planning to be there?

I have to say, the Wizards had a lot of otherwise neutral people on their side, but this proposal and the one challenging London (not to mention their press releases) makes me think they should have quit while they were ahead.

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Yeah, sounds like Mr. Sezerman is not getting good advice from his staff or he is not listening to them at all. Anyone who has studied public relations could have told him the schedule of this tournament looks bad. A major rethink is required on the part of the Wizards.

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