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The Gold Cup pics


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Well, I don't have time to do them all, but just to fill you in on the top pic on the first page:

Row of People standing up (left to right): Jay Way, Marc P., N-A, Friend of Beckham Jr. (can't recall his name, doesn't post on the forum), another friend of Beckham Jr. (also doesn't post), Jerome (friend of Mimglow, also doesn't post AFAIK), Mimglow (with the flag draped on his shoulders), Bruce (another friend of Mimglow, doesn't post), Vijay (friend of Sil's, also doesn't post), Sil

Row of people kneeling (left to right): Ryan Keay, yours truly, Beckham Jr., Dj Hordash

Lying down in front with Dr. Seuss hat: Sean Keay

On the second photo on the second page Ithe Who Won the Gold Cup photo) the guy in the red Canada shirt & red Canada hat is Canuck in Boston. Red Hat's wife is next to him, while Red Hat (drove all the way from Winnipeg remember) is to her right (the guy with the moustache).

By the way, I love the photo on the Voyageurs Home page.

And if we can still believe in tomorrow, yesterday will disappear soon enough - IQ, The Wake (1985)

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Great stuff.

Allow me to quote the Wee Elf, man she kills me some times "Hmm. Quite the handsome bunch there, don't you think?"

Oh yeah. Look out ladies, here come the Voyageurs.

Oh my God. I've limped along some skid-row beaters. Yet even I, the King of Keep It Running have yet to sink to the dreaded Corolla Wagon. Nice to see it covered with that Maple Leaf. They do the same thing with a veteren's casket during a funeral don't they? They put any salt down on your roads come winter guys?

Great stuff. Great, great, stuff. Keep it coming.

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