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Soccer Leagues within Montreal Area


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During my youth days, there were three clubs that always dominated in montreal - West Island, Jean Talon Rousemont and Concordia. I played youth about 10 -12 years ago - any information on those teams and players? We used to play them in the Brossard tournament.

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Lac-Saint-Louis Lakers represent the West Island (ie West of NDG) and other ex-municipalities (Outremont, TMR, Ville-Saint-Laurent). They are the LSEQ pendant of a bunch of local organisations. They have the most money, the best technical players and the best organisation.

Then, there is Concordia, which is a league that is formed by what used to be the old city of Montréal and some municipalities that were too far from LSL (NDG, Jean-Talon-Rosemont, Rivières-des-Prairies, Saint-Michel, Pannelinios, etc.).

There are also Laval leagues, South Shore leagues, etc.

Most organised leagues serve as feeder for LSEQ1 and 2 (which is the top two tiers). There is promotion from these regional leagues to the LSEQ provincial setup.

Allez l'Impact!

Allez les Rouges!

Allons Ultras!

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I just moving in Montreal. I can't understand French at all. So you you guy tell me some information about the club i could enrole to play for this summer?

I love to play for under 21 or adult team and could be a small league or big one cuz i want into professional soccer.

Hope to hear from you guy.[8D]

Bye, Bel

Soccer is alwasys fun!!!

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