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[R]Regensburg-Greuther Furth


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About 10 minutes into the first half, no score yet.

Tam is in the starting 11.

Jahn Regensburg: H. Müller - O. Schmidt, Stiegelmair, Keuler - Nsaliwa, Kritzer, Paulinho, Knackmuß - Hutwelker, Willmann, Tölcseres

Trainer: Peter

Greuther Fürth: Neuhaus - Weber, Westermann, Kleine, Kümmerle - D. Fuchs, Inceman, Reichel, Ruman - Burkhardt, Caillas

Trainer: Hach

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Just thought I would add this.. I found out the temp in Nuremburg today was expected to be 37 C (according to Yahoo). I suspect it could have an impact on the game even when played in the evening although the low is projected to be 18 (typically by morning.

Just checked.. Temp one hour before game time is 34 C in Munich. so just south of Regensburg.

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