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England, Scotland, and the Old Firm


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Season kicks off saturday in Scotland, and in England the weekend after (got to get my pool picks in!) and just noticed that the old, tired, on going question of the Old Firm joining the EPL has again been raised.

BBC Sports has an articule where unhappy Celtic director, Dermot Desmond brings up the issue once again along side one dealing with television revenues, the manner in which they're negotiated and dispersed. It seems Mr. Desmond is still stinging from last seasons pitched battle between the Glasgow giants and the other 10 SPL sides. A battle which I think most would agree left the SPL as a league stronger at the expense, economicaly and politicaly of Celtic and Rangers.

"The move" is, of course, all about money.

But what realy interested me is what Mr. Desmond said about such a move, should it ever occure, being good for Scottish football. Know from posters on this forum and others that the generaly held view is good riddance to bad rubbish and the sooner the better. But as much as this is an emotional reaction, is a sound practicle one?

It's stated adding Celtic and Rangers to the EPL would bring an additional 100 million pounds of revenue into that league not including the increased television benefits. But most certainly the EPL's gain would be the SPL's loss, at the least pound for pound.

As close as competition would become in such a new SPL wouldn't it be something of a race to the bottom? Scotland isn't big enough that it can withstand the loss of it's two biggest economic engines. Celtic and Rangers ARE the SPL television contract and are subsidising the whole of the league. No Old Firm. No tv contract (worth a damn). Gate driven league. That dose not improve Scottish football.

But here's another thought. Both clubs are in huge depts. Rangers moreso, and last season's EUFA Cup run was a financial God-Send to the Hoops. But forgetting about the increased television revenues these clubs would gain (which would certainly be offset by the increased spending) who's to say either side would ever get the chance again to compete in Europe. And for two clubs which have a tradition of offering European competition to attract the quality players up north an EPL move might prove tragic.

Sounds like a loosing adventure all around by me. UEFA is funny sometimes though. Gets one to fearing for the future.

"Minority of one"

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