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Rocket Robin interviews Robin Hart (Ottawa CPSL)

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Saturday July 19th, 2003 interview with Robin Hart

Rocket Robin...Alright. Here we are Saturday July the 19th after watching Ottawa Wizards beat Durham Flames 5-2 and I'm talking to Robin Hart who we remember scoring the winning goal in the Rogers Cup last year against North York Astros. What can you remember about that goal?

Robin Hart...It was a tough game to play. They were coming against us pretty hard. We couldn't really find our rhythm pretty good. We eventually strung a few passes together, the ball came over and I just got up and hoped for the best, (it) went in and it was a big weight off our shoulders. We knew once that goal came we just started to play and settled down from there.

Rocket Robin...Right, Thanks. Now you're from Winnipeg. What was your background in soccer and how did you ever hear about the Wizards and try out for them?

Robin Hart...Well I used to play for a few teams back in the Manitoba Major Soccer League which used to be the Super Soccer Alliance. Lucania FC, played for them! When the PanAm Games were in Winnipeg in 1999 I was able to practise with the Trinidad & Tobago Under 23 team, earned a tryout with them the following September and I went out to Trinidad, made the team, played there for about a year and a half and then came out here.

Rocket Robin...Are you actually from Trinidad or your relatives are?

Robin Hart...Both my parents are born and raised in Trinidad and I have dual citizenship.

Rocket Robin...This year's Wizards team hasn't lost so far this year. We're talking the middle of July, it's just good year after year. Is there any reason for that?

Robin Hart...Well last year we had a great season. We had some great players. We lost a few very, very, very irreplaceable players but credit to the new guys that came in. We have a lot of new faces that came in; they're doing their job and we're playing a lot nicer football this year then we have in previous years.

Rocket Robin...Do you feel there's any extra pressure to keep winning? Winning the triple crown last year in the CPSL and having this apple on the horizon of maybe the A-League? Talk about that!

Robin Hart...Well our goal is always to be moving up. A-League we believe is the next step. I believe we have the squad. I mean a few more things have to be put in place. Besides that I think in the next few years, yeah we'll be ready!

Rocket Robin...Ok, just because we have the same first name. Did you ever get bugged in school about "How's Batman?"?

Robin Hart...Yeah I still get it today.

Rocket Robin...Ok well they're always making sequels to that movie so I still haven't heard the end of it yet either. Ok well thanks for talking to me.

Rocket Robin


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quote:Originally posted by hello

Robin Hart posts on the CPSL board under the name THE_TRUTH (www.cpsl.ca/forum)

He used to post on the old Voyageurs board as well, but under a different name. All he ever did was complain about the Wizards not getting any respect. I tried to reason with him but it was no use. He just told us all off. He provided nothing useful like some other players do.
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well DJT, people live and learn. People make mistakes, but i will say this. I wasn't looking for respect as much as i was looking for people to stop with the trash talk, cuz it made no sense. I won't go into detail but i play for ottawa and i fight for these guys every day and i will continue to do so anytime someone steps up. i'm not talkin physically but we're a family and if someone talks trash about my family i'm gonna stand up for us. I appreciate everyones comments and hopefully we can continue to talk about the game we all love

peace and blessings


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