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"Brennan getting stick at Norwich

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Two quotes from the official Forest forum:

"Ok its only pre season stuff but i work with the most die hard canary there is and the word from the terraces is not complimentary. I watched him last night as Norwich lost 3 -0 against Spurs and he was a fish out of water playing an attacking role on the left in front of the far superior Adam Drury.

"I think they thought they had bought a superstar and had been giving me stick for the past two weeks. I countered with watch Davy Oyen go and was offered Davy who?......well it'll be Jim who ? in a month or two."


"I watched the match too and apart from one good ball across to Rivers he was very anonymous, I think he'll be regretting his move very soon."

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Certainly not what we want to hear. However to start worrying in the pre-season is pointless and unnecessary stress. Sometimes it takes players a while to adapt to a new team, but then they click and when they click other teams go *boom*.

(ok that was horrible. I'll understand if you all put me on your ignore lists)

"Winning is most important. Everything is a consequence of that."

-Ayrton Senna (1960 - 1994)

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After reading that bit from B & WA I've been kinda giving it a think. Too early of course to expect a hell of a lot I'm sure everyone agrees, what with the usual pre-season chaos on the pitch, new club, blah, blah, blah. But the impression from those little quotes that I get is that Brennan is expected to be quite something.

They were sure glad to scoop him from Forest (lot of that going on) and high expectations seem to have been placed on his performances this year. Something maybe a little better than just good enough to make the starting 11.

And at this point in his career and development that may be just what the lad needs. Some demanding Norwich fans. May just be time for Brennan to stand out a little more.

"Minority of one"

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