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They seem to be signing Canadian internationals left and right. How are they able to afford their salaries? I'm sure they are paid quite well (by North American and A-league standards). I wouldn't be suprised of Corrazin is making 6 figures. Out of curiousity, what kind of money does the CSA pay to national team members?

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First of all, Corrazin signed with the Whitecaps, not the Impact.

As for the Impact, they really don't have that many senior international (Nash, Pizzolito - who just got called recently) but they have a busload of juniors, which cost less (Arango, Borsellino, DiTullio, Fronimadis, Lemire, Matondo, Williams). I guess these are yougsters that have proven to be very solid (national team members) and who need a stepping stone to bigger things, which the Impact offers them.

The top salaries on the Impact probably go to Biello, Sebrango, Nash and DeSantis. The Impact have a few older players, a lot of youngsters, and a handful of mid-20's locals (Gervais, Leduc, François, Pizzolito).

Also, from an administrative POV, they are a non-profit organisation co-owned by the provincial government and Saputo. This means that their only mission is to develop soccer and break even and they get (as well as their sponsors) fiscal advantages.

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