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Toronto Lynx vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

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A-League Toronto Lynx vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds

by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Pittsburgh Riverhounds played Saturday June 21, 2003

in Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:30pm.

7 minutes...PRH Michael Green GOAL...PRH Ricardo Villar cornerkick from left has Green leaping header redirect ball into right corner of net from 5 yards.

20 minutes...Lynx Ngon gets through ball and PRH goalie Randy Dedini bumps him off ball just inside the box on collision. Referee Ed Munday signals for a penalty.

21 minutes...Lynx Nikki Vignjevic GOAL...Vignjevic rolls kick to right corner of net as goalie dives to left.

39 minutes...PRP GOAL (a Toronto own goal)...Lynx Elvis Thomas heads ball back to goalie from 10 yards but over Theo Zagar and bounces into own net.

43 minutes...Lynx Josue Mayard trips PRP Tim Glowienka just inside left corner of box. Penalty kick called.

44 minutes...PRP Ricardo Villar penalty kick to left corner and diving Lynx goalie fingertip pushes ball wide left.

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx...1....Pittsburgh Riverhounds....2...

Attendance was announced as 2073 on this warm sunny evening (in the first half). Lynx only had four subs including a backup goalie after last night's road win in Syracuse.

The groans were noticeable on the own goal seeing the Lynx had only scored three goals at home all season!!

Though they tried everything to score during the second half, they couldn't get the equalizer with the Riverhounds pushed back guarding the edge of the box.

Ali Ngon was the most dangerous player on the field. He was triple teamed on some plays by his former teammates on Pittsburgh. He runs like a tank and is getting stronger every game.

Rocket Robin


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