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Sunday's Toronto Inferno game called off.

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Toronto Inferno game called off?

by Rocket Robin

Looks certain as discovered by a Alfons Rubbens the Inside Soccer magazine publisher.

The South Jersey Banshees have been scared off by the SARS situation in Toronto. A 'possiblity' is the Sudbury Canadians will come down for an exhibition game. Wow that would be a long drive although if it's been known for a few days maybe it has been worked out.

Now will any official of the Inferno inform the fans?

Their first game of the season was switched at the last minute from Birchmount Stadium to Rainbow Creek in Woodbridge because the stadium wasn't available that early in the year (but it never is).

Couldn't you imagine somebody's daughter going to the wrong stadium two weeks ago to be disappointed then begging "Daddy, Daddy, please one more chance!" and then find no game tomorrow. That would really kill off interest.

It's now two years since the Inferno played in Toronto. Last year's home games were moved to Burlington because of Toronto municipal worker's strike. After that was settled, the home schedule resulted in two visiting teams folding and forfeiting.

Hey no one has mentioned of the Ottawa Fury beating the Toronto Inferno 6-0 from a W-League result posting.

Rocket Robin


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found out more about the inferno-fury game

the inferno was pretty much full strength minus chappie...she was not at the game. seems like things haven't really "come together" for the team yet ... hopefully they'll rebound...



Go Big Red!!


Everything you need to know about Canadian Women's Soccer!!

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Result of the Sunday June 22nd, 2003 intersquad game of Toronto Inferno played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 2:00pm. This game was arranged after the W-League opponent South Jersey Banshees refused to travel up to Toronto because of the SARS scare.

The Inferno roster was divided into the White team against the Navy team. Both squads had only ten players. Candace Chapman was not present and Jane Lea was there but did not play.

19 min...Navy Cristina Bonasia (?) GOAL...Bonasia (or whoever was wearing the #15) was given a break on right that looked offside and cuts toward goal and her 12 yard shot to left side of net beyond sprawling goalie Anne Ogundele.

22 min...White Robyn Gayle GOAL...W #17 cornerkick from right is partially cleared and Robyn Gayle takes low 25 yard blast through players and diving goalie Emily Garrick to right corner of net.

34 min...White Tina Blaskovic GOAL...Blaskovic is pushed a through ball and runs through middle lobbing 15 yard shot over sprawling goalie.

40 minutes...end of 1st half.

41 minutes (2nd Half)...Navy Joanna McNish GOAL...Navy player in box across goalmouth and McNish has 2 yard tap-in on right.

42 min...White Tina Blaskovic rushes up middle and has shot deflect off defender's arm in box resulting in Penalty kick call.

43 min...White Holly Lincoln GOAL...Lincoln on Penalty Kick is shot into right corner of net bending in.

53 min...Navy Joanna McNish GOAL...Navy Diana Matheson passes up middle to McNish who one touches 15 yard shot that deflects in off left post.

54 min...Navy Joanna McNish GOAL...McNish on 25 yard blast that deflects off bottom of cross bar and lands inside goalline.

72 min...game halted (40 minute first half, 31 minute second half) with both team's players looking tired in the grueling heat after the Inferno's game last night and trip back from Ottawa.

Final Score:.......Navy Squad........4...........White Squad.............3.............

I counted 175 fans before the game started but the game was postponed 20 minutes to let more fans inside. Inferno coach Tony Marmo said after the game the attendance was "406 paid". Maybe I cut into attendance by warning fans on the Infernet message boards the New Jersey team wasn't coming and only mentioning the possibility of an alternate team.

The White Squad dominated the first half of the game but the Navy looked better in the second.

The Inferno returned home after losing 6-0 to division rivals Ottawa Fury. Tony Marmo promises a different result for their next game against the Fury again on Saturday June 28th at 7:00pm at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York. (moved because of the Robbie Tourney that takes place that weekend). He believes this year's squad has more talent than last year's overachieving squad but can they play together after yesterday's "embarassing result".

Rocket Robin


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