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Aguiar loan to Leiria extended

Guest Jeffery S.

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Guest Jeffery S.


Fernando Aguiar has been loaned to Uniao Leiria for another year after the club reached an agreement with Benfica, the club he belongs to. In news breaking today, Aguiar had another year left on his Benfica contract and had a number of offers, including one from his club of the past season. Aguiar had considered a sale by Benfica so as to sign a longer contract with a new club, but is confident that he can still swing one after next season, in what would likely be his final pro contract in Portugal. Benfica, close to resigning coach Camacho for another year, is in the midst of deciding on the team that will represent them in Champions next season, and though Camacho has asked for new players, and a few transfers out are imminent or already done, seems to want to go with a smaller roster for the 2003-04 season.

As part of the deal Benfica will play in Leiria's stadium in the team presentation game set for late July early August.

With the signing of Leiria trainer Cajudo to another club for next year the options for Aguiar increased at Leiria, as the relations between the two had not always been the best. This is in spite of him starting almost every match for the club, which placed 5th in Portugal this year and is qualified for UEFA after making the Portugal Cup final vs. Porto.

Regarding the Cup final to be played vs Porto tomorrow Sunday in the National Stadium at Jamor, Aguiar is set to start before a mostly Porto crowd, though some 3,000 Leiria supporters are set to be there to support the team.

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