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Jason Bent: News from Plymouth


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From the Plymouth "Evening Herald"



Plymouth Argyle manager Paul Sturrock believes the best is yet to come from Canadian international midfielder Jason Bent.

Injuries have disrupted Bent's progress for the Pilgrims since he arrived at Home Park in September 2001.

He has been limited to 45 league games over the past two seasons, much to the frustration of the former Colorado Rapids star.

Sturrock has still been pleased with Bent's contribution but feels he can become even more influential to the team.

"It's going to be a big season for Jason," said the Argyle manager.

"He has had some niggling injuries over the last two years which have taken three months out of each season.

"We haven't really seen him at his best for us, although he has shown glimpses of what he can achieve.

"I'm looking forward to him having a good season and hopefully no injuries."

Sturrock warned though that no-one was guaranteed first-team football next season - including Bent.

"There is a lot of competition for places in midfield, with Jason, Stevie Adams, David Friio and David Norris.

"We have also got Tony Capaldi, David Beresford, Brian McGlinchey and Martin Phillips all pushing for slots in there.

"As I always say at this time of year, the slate is clean for all the players.

"The message is 'if you want to play in the team go and get yourself picked through your performances'.

"That's not to say there might not be times where I will go with horses for courses but, generally, if people do the business they will get selected."

Bent is having a short summer break before playing for Canada in the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the USA and Mexico next month.

The Canadians have been drawn in Group D with Costa Rica and Cuba.

They will play both of their group games at the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, near Boston.

Canada will face Costa Rica on July 12 and Cuba two days later, with the group winners qualifying for the quarter-finals at Gillette Stadium on July 19.

The semi-finals will be played in Miami and Mexico City on July 24 and 25 respectively.

Mexico City will be the venue for the final on July 27.

Bent will miss Argyle's pre-season training camp in Austria should the Canadians reach the later stages of the Gold Cup.

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This is great news!! Bent, with time and training and maturity, could develop into a very nice player for Canada. He and Stalteri have played well together in the past, and I'd much rather see Bent as a destroyer than Imhof--I think Imhof has creative abilities that need to be used. Even if Bent plays on the backline...I am glad to see he will be available for Gold Cup, and am thrilled to see his coach has such high regard for him.

We may be missing our key strikers for the GC, but with our depth in midfield, I think a number of good options may open up. For instance, if Jazic plays left D, Brennan left mid, Nsaliwa or Bent right D and Imhof or Nash or somebody with creative skills plays right mid, then why not play Stalteri up front with McKenna. Or maybe play DeGuzan with McKenna. Or, play DeGuzman in mid with Imhoff...I hope Holger invites Pesch, and i hope Pesch agrees to be there.

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I'm not sure of him in defence, but I think he played well in marking

key players of the other side.

Although I'm not much of a fan of Jason Bent, I can still remember

and enjoy his winning penalty kick vs. Martinique in 2002 ...

Looking forward to the Gold Cup, albeit with less drama (lucky pick,

and 2 penalty shoot-outs vs. Martinique and the USA).;)

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I'll let you in on a little game my friends and I played during Gold Cup '02. Throughout the tournament, we'd been cursing out Jason Bent, calling him really bad names (no reason, he was just our whipping boy, we blamed him for things that weren't remotely related to him i.e. we would say "If we lose the coin toss, it's Jason Bent's fault). Anyway, it was all for laughs, and it worked.

When he stepped up to take the kick against Martinque, we all looked at each other, and my friend Serge goes "If he makes this kick, we can never, ever again make fun of him. We shall only refer to him as "Héro Canadien". We agreed.

And so since that time, we haven't referred to him as anything other than "Héro Canadien". That is something that will remain with us forever.

We even say "Hey look, it's Héro Canadien" when we see players that look like him (like Seedorf and Davids).

Don't know why I told you this story, I guess I'm feeling a little melancholic...CAN'T WAIT TO BE IN BOSTON! WOOHOO!!!! :D

Come to think of it, I think I may make a sign that says "Jason Bent: Héro Canadien" Hahahaha...and only my friends and those of you who read this will understand why! [8D]

Mimglow, Ottawa


Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

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